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International Workers’ Day

May 1st is International Workers’ Day (also known as May Day) which is a celebration of the international labour movement and left-wing movements. It commonly sees organized street demonstrations and marches by working people and their labour unions throughout most … Continue reading

International Dance Day

First introduced in 1982 by the International Dance Council and now celebrated yearly on April 29th, the International Dance Day brings attention to the art of dance. It revels the universality of this art form that crosses all political, cultural and ethnic barriers and brings people together … Continue reading

Observing 100th Anniversary of Armenian Genocide

“With the legacy of the mass killings of Armenians in Ottoman Turkey in 1915 still a source of bitter enmity and political disputes in Asia Minor and beyond, Armenia on April 24th recognized the 100th anniversary of what historians and … Continue reading

Association for the Study of Nationalities Conference

We are delighted to inform you that we will be attending the 20th Annual Association for the Study of Nationalities World Convention (23-25 April 2015) at Columbia University in New York City. Berghahn will be exhibiting for one day only! … Continue reading

Earth Day

Each year, Earth Day — April 22 — marks the anniversary of what many consider the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Earth Day 1970 capitalized on the emerging consciousness, channeling the energy of the anti-war protest movement and … Continue reading


Featured Title

Germany and 'The West'

Germany and 'The West'

The History of a Modern Concept
Edited by Riccardo Bavaj and Martina Steber

“[This] volume provides an impressive overview of the history of German images and perceptions of ‘the West,’ its changing meanings and importance over a long period of time. It unites the foremost experts on this subject.” · Egbert Klautke, University College London

Featured Title

Multidimensional Change in Sudan (1989–2011)

Multidimensional Change in Sudan (1989–2011)

Reshaping Livelihoods, Conflicts and Identities
Edited by Barbara Casciarri, Munzoul A.M. Assal and François Ireton

"There really is very little published on some of these topics, and genuine field research of the kind which has been conducted by [this] number of contributors is rare." · Justin Willis, University of Durham

Featured Series

Music and International History in the Twentieth Century

Series: Explorations in Culture and International History

Volume: 7

Music and International History in the Twentieth Century

Edited by Jessica Gienow-Hecht

“Jessica Gienow Hecht…has immersed herself in the study of classical music and examined its history in the modern international context. But the excellent contributions to this volume suggest that she is not alone.”  ·  Akira Iriye, Harvard University

New in Paperback

Dynamics of Memory and Identity in Contemporary Europe

Dynamics of Memory and Identity in Contemporary Europe

Edited by Eric Langenbacher, Bill Niven, and Ruth Wittlinger

The volume is well-structured and the individual chapters are put together in a coherent fashion. The material they cover is extremely engaging and is new to the English-speaking audience, especially where the French and German literature is concerned. They also add richness to a debate already characterised by its increasing politicisation. This is, therefore, a valuable volume … [that] will appeal to a wide range of scholars and students from humanities and social sciences disciplinary backgrounds, from history to anthropology as well as memory scholars. It also provides food for thought at a time when a better understanding of Europe’s past, present and future is a political imperative and an incentive for future research.”  ·  H-France Review

New in Paperback

Bridging Divides

Bridging Divides

Ethno-Political Leadership among the Russian Sámi
Indra Overland and Mikkel Berg-Nordlie

“[These] excellent chapters detail the emergence of cross-border ties between Russia's Sámi communities and Nordic Sámi, and assess their contributions to cultural renewal . . . The socioeconomic and cultural portrait [drawn] will likely seem all too familiar to scholars of other Arctic and subarctic indigenous populations in northern Eurasia, but some of the information is unique to Russia's Sámi, making this an indispensable contribution to the documentation of northern peoples. Essential.” · Choice

Featured Journal

Screen Bodies: Expanding the horizons of research and thought in how we view and display bodies on screen

Screen Bodies is a peer-reviewed journal focusing on the intersection of Screen Studies and Body Studies across disciplines, institutions, and media. It is a forum promoting research on various aspects of embodiment on and in front of screens through articles, reviews, and interviews. The journal considers moving and still images, whether from the entertainment industry, information technologies, or news and media outlets, including cinema, television, the internet, and gallery spaces. It investigates the private experiences of portable and personal devices and the institutional ones of medical and surveillance imaging. Screen Bodies addresses the portrayal, function, and reception of bodies on and in front of screens from the perspectives of gender and sexuality, feminism and masculinity, trans* studies, queer theory, critical race theory, cyborg studies, and dis/ability studies. More Information...

Featured Journal

Museum Worlds: Advances in Research

Museum Worlds: Advances in Research is a multidisciplinary, refereed, annual journal that publishes work that significantly advances knowledge of global trends, case studies, and theory relevant to museum practice and scholarship around the world.
Responding to the need for a rigorous, in-depth review of current work in its field, Museum Worlds: Advances in Research contributes to the ongoing formation of Museum Studies as an academic and practical area of research that is rapidly expanding and alive with potential, opportunity, and challenge that parallels the rapid growth of museums in just about every part of the world. More Information...

Introducing the Museum Worlds companion site!

View virtual issues, online tours, museum news, events, and more. More Information...

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