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#MuseumWeek 2015

Museum Week is international: more than 800 museums, galleries and cultural institutions from across the UK, Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania — 29 countries in total — are officially participating in this, the first ever international Museum Week on … Continue reading

Landscape as Literary Criticism in Jane Austen’s Fiction

The following is the third in a series of posts on Jane Austen. This is a guest post written by Anne Toner, contributor to a special issue of Critical Survey which is devoted to the subject of Jane Austen. Anne Toner is the author of the article titled “Landscape … Continue reading

Visions of The Other: Swiss & Malagasy See, But Do They Understand?

Where do Switzerland and Madagascar meet, and what do the people of each place think of those in the other? Eva Keller, in her recently published Beyond the Lens of Conservation: Malagasy and Swiss Imaginations of One Another, in seeking … Continue reading

Fertility, Reproduction and Sexuality

Today (March 18th) is Goddess of Fertility Day, a time when Aphrodite and other gods and goddesses of fertility are honored by pagans throughout the world in celebration of life and fertility. ———————————————————————————————————————————– Understanding the complex and multifaceted issue of human reproduction … Continue reading

Roots and Recovery: Anthropologists Study Anorexia from all Angles

How do sufferers of anorexia recover? Richard A. O’Connor and Penny Van Esterik seek answers to this question, first by identifying root causes of the disease and then by sharing the stories of those who have made a full recovery.  … Continue reading


Featured Title

The Political Economy of Border Drawing

The Political Economy of Border Drawing

Arranging Legality in European Labor Migration Policies
Regine Paul

“The author relates in an inspiring way [how]…capitalism, the welfare regime, and citizenship [relate] to migration policies, and analyzes the logics of labor migration regulations in three cases. The book makes a key contribution to the academic debate by pointing light on the normative basis of migration policies and the seeming contradictions between the logics of migrant admissions.”  ·  Lisa-Marie Heimeshoff, University of Kassel

Featured Title

Urban Violence in the Middle East

Urban Violence in the Middle East

Changing Cityscapes in the Transition from Empire to Nation State
Edited by Ulrike Freitag, Nelida Fuccaro, Claudia Ghrawi, and Nora Lafi

“This is a very remarkable collection of chapters . . . The totality is a lively read, exhibiting an almost universal familiarity with and appreciation of the literature.”  ·  Peter Sluglett, National University of Singapore

Featured Series

Transitions and Transformations

Series: Life Course, Culture and Aging: Global Transformations

Volume: 1

Transitions and Transformations

Cultural Perspectives on Aging and the Life Course
Edited by Caitrin Lynch and Jason Danely

This volume is full of good writing, lively situations, some wonderful photos, revealing quotes and simulating ideas. Its readability makes it appealing as a text to be used widely in the undergraduate/graduate classroom… the current volume makes for excellent reading and launches the new Berghahn book series admirably.”  ·  Anthropology of Aging Quarterly Review

New in Paperback

Tuff City

Tuff City

Urban Change and Contested Space in Central Naples
Nick Dines

“Nick Dines draws on over a decade of intensive interdisciplinary research—history, politics, cultural studies, social geography, and anthropology— …[and] does a fine job of weaving together the competing narratives to offer a penetrating analysis of the contestation over public space embedded in discourses about civility and citizenship. He…also addresses global questions about citizenship, urban renewal, the inequality of zoning, and the securitization of public space. As such, this book could serve as a model for the analysis, critique, and comparison of other urban renewal projects in cities around the global north because Dines methodically and subtlely makes the local speak to global questions.”  ·  American Anthropologist

New in Paperback

Distributed Objects

Distributed Objects

Meaning and Mattering after Alfred Gell
Edited by Liana Chua and Mark Elliott

“…profound scholarly reflections on the distributed effects of Alfred Gell’s endeavor to identify an anthropological theory of …a captivating pendant piece to Gell’s original publication. Itis not meant as a guidebook to understanding Gell’s work; rather it is a collection of complex studies that capture distinct engagements with Gell’s ideas around an anthropology of art.“  ·  Material World

Featured Journal

Boyhood Studies

Boyhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Boyhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal is a peer-reviewed journal providing a forum for the discussion of boyhood, young masculinities, and boys’ lives by exploring the full scale of intricacies, challenges, and legacies that inform male and masculine developments. Boyhood Studies is committed to a critical and international scope and solicits both articles and special issue proposals from a variety of research fields including, but not limited to, the social and psychological sciences, historical and cultural studies, philosophy, and social, legal, and health studies. More Information...

Featured Journal

Environment & Society

Environment & Society:  

Environment and Society publishes critical reviews of the latest research literature on environmental studies, including subjects of theoretical, methodological, substantive, and applied significance. Articles also survey the literature regionally and thematically and reflect the work of anthropologists, geographers, environmental scientists, and human ecologists from all parts of the world in order to internationalize the conversations within environmental anthropology, environmental geography, and other environmentally oriented social sciences. The publication appeals to academic, research, and policy-making audiences alike. More Information...

Introducing EnviroSociety!

A multimedia site, EnviroSociety provides insights into contemporary socio-ecological issues with posts from top scholars in the social sciences that engage readers interested in current environmental topics. More Information...

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