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Volume 23


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The Revolt of the Provinces

Anti-Gypsyism and Right-Wing Politics in Hungary

Kristóf Szombati

294 pages, 30 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78533-896-0 $130.00/£92.00 Hb Not Yet Published (June 2018)

eISBN 978-1-78533-897-7 eBook Not Yet Published

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“[This book] is an excellent study of the shifting economy, the rise of a far-right political movement, anti-Gypsy racism, and the dominance of a right-wing governing party. It offers a nuanced, innovative and holistic approach to this topic by engaging space, scale, history, racism/race formation, and class… The author’s command of literature and arguments is impressive.” · Sharryn Kasmir, Hofstra University

“Szombati has written an outstanding text that addresses with theoretical sophistication and empirical rigor key sociological and political issues of our time… [This] is a work of great originality and courage.” · Douglas Holmes, Binghamton University


The first in-depth ethnographic monograph on the New Right in Central and Eastern Europe, The Revolt of the Provinces explores the making of right-wing hegemony in Hungary over the last decade. It explains the spread of racist sensibilities in depressed rural areas, shows how activists, intellectuals and politicians took advantage of popular racism to empower right-wing agendas and examines the new ruling party's success in stabilizing an 'illiberal regime'. To illuminate these important dynamics, the author proposes an innovative multi-scalar and relational framework, focusing on interaction between social antagonisms emerging on the local level and struggles waged within the political public sphere.

Kristóf Szombati has a background in both activism and academia. He recently completed his PhD at Central European University (Budapest) and received the ‘Best Dissertation’ award for his work on anti-Gypsyism in rural Hungary. He has published articles on far-right movements and on the intersection of politics, ethnicity and ‘race’. He currently holds a Visiting Professorship at Columbia University.

Subject: Political Economy Sociology
Area: Central/Eastern Europe


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Chapter 1. Historic Contextualization: ‘Gypsies’, ‘Magyars’ and the state
Chapter 2. Popular Racism in the Northeast: The Case of Gyöngyöspata
Chapter 3. Redemptive Anti-Gypsyism: The Transposition of Struggles from the Social to the Political Domain
Chapter 4. Right-wing Rivalry and the Dual State
Chapter 5. The Limits of Racist Mobilization: The Case of Devecser
Chapter 6. From Racism to Ultranationalism: Jobbik’s Transformation Through Ethnographic Lens


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