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Fertility, Conjuncture, Difference

Anthropological Approaches to the Heterogeneity of Modern Fertility Declines

Edited by Philip Kreager and Astrid Bochow

348 pages, 1 illus., 22 figures, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78533-604-1 $130.00/£92.00 Hb Not Yet Published (August 2017)

eISBN 978-1-78533-605-8 eBook Not Yet Published

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“Outstanding. This volume follows in a distinct lineage of both historically and anthropologically-informed critical studies of the demographic analysis of fertility decline and reproductive change. It is an excellent addition to that corpus of work.” · Simon Szreter, St John’s College

In the last forty years anthropologists have made major contributions to understanding the heterogeneity of reproductive trends and processes underlying them. Fertility transition, rather than the story of the triumphant spread of Western birth control rationality, reveals a diversity of reproductive means and ends continuing before, during, and after transition. This collection brings together anthropological case studies, placing them in a comparative framework to address how fertility is simply one element of complex social structures, in which the formation and size of families is not decided solely or primarily by reproduction.

Philip Kreager is Senior Research Fellow in Human Sciences, Somerville College; Director, Fertility and Reproductive Studies Group, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology; and Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute of Ageing, Department of Sociology, Oxford University. He has written extensively on the history and conceptual development of population theory and analysis in European culture, and on comparative family systems and anthropological demography.

Astrid Bochow is Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology Halle/Saale (since 2010). She publishes on reproduction, sexuality, Christianity and HIV/AIDS and wrote Intimacy and Sexuality before Marriage in Kumasi, Ghana (German). In 2012 she was a Visiting Fellow at Oxford University, followed by a Junior Fellowship at the University of Constance (2013-14).

Series: Volume 36, Fertility, Reproduction and Sexuality: Social and Cultural Perspectives
Subject: Medical Anthropology Gender Studies

BISAC: SOC002010 SOCIAL SCIENCE/Anthropology/Cultural; SOC028000 SOCIAL SCIENCE/Women's Studies; HEA045000 HEALTH & FITNESS/Infertility

BIC: MFKC1 Infertility & fertilization; JHMC Social & cultural anthropology, ethnography


List of Contributors
List of Figures and Tables

Philip Kreager and Astrid Bochow

Chapter 1. The Key to Fertility: Generation, Reproduction and Class Formation in a Namibian Community
Julia Pauli

Chapter 2. Becoming and Belonging in African Historical Demography, 1900-2000
Sarah Walters

Chapter 3. Between the Central Laws of Moscow and Local Particularity: The Reproduction of Sub-Groups in the South of Tajikistan
Sophie Roche and Sophie Hohmann

Chapter 4. Feeling Secure to Reproduce – Economy, Community and Fertility in Southern Europe
Patrick Heady

Chapter 5. Ambivalent Men: Male Dilemmas and Fertility Control in Senegal
Sara Randall, Nathalie Mondain, and Alioune Diagne

Chapter 6. Accounting for Reproductive Difference: Sociality, Temporality and Individuality during Pregnancy in Cameroon
Erica van der Sijpt

Chapter 7. Understanding Childlessness in Botswana: Reproduction and Tswana-nization of Middle Class Identities in the 21st Century
Astrid Bochow

Chapter 8. Low Fertility and Secret Family Planning in Lesotho
Lena L. Kroeker

Chapter 9. ‘The Doctor’s Way’: Traditional Contraception and Modernity in Cambodia
Eleanor Hukin


Chapter 10. Demographers on Culture: Fertility, Nuptiality, Family Structures
Yves Charbit and Véronique Petit

Chapter 11. Vital Conjunctures Revisited
Jennifer A. Johnson-Hanks


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