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The Participants

The Men of the Wannsee Conference

Edited by Hans-Christian Jasch and Christoph Kreutzm├╝ller
Translated from the German

354 pages, 20 illus., bibliog., index

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On January 20, 1942, fifteen senior German government officials attended a short meeting in Berlin to discuss the deportation and murder of the Jews of Nazi-occupied Europe. Despite lasting only a few hours, the Wannsee Conference is today understood as a signal episode in the history of the Holocaust, exemplifying the labor division and burueaucratization that made the “Final Solution” possible. Yet while the conference itself has been exhaustively researched, many of its attendees remain relatively obscure. Combining accessible prose with scholarly rigor, The Participants presents fascinating profiles of the all-too-human men who implemented some of the most inhuman acts in history.

Hans-Christian Jasch is the Executive Director of the Memorial and Educational Site of the Wannsee Conference. He has authored the definitive study, published in 2012, of Wilhelm Stuckart, state secretary in the Reich Interior Ministry, and the role of the civil service in Jewish policy.

Christoph Kreutzmüller is a curator at the Jewish Museum Berlin. Before joining the museum he coordinated two extensive research projects on the fate of Jewish-owned businesses in Berlin during the Third Reich and on Jews in Berlin from 1918 to 1938 at Humboldt University of Berlin. His acclaimed study Final Sale in Berlin: The Destruction of Jewish Commercial Activity 1930–1945 was published in 2015 by Berghahn Books.

Subject: Genocide Studies WWII History
Area: Germany

LC: D804.3 .T4313 2017

BISAC: HIS043000 HISTORY/Holocaust; HIS014000 HISTORY/Europe/Germany; HIS027100 HISTORY/Military/World War II

BIC: HBTZ1 The Holocaust; HBWQ Second World War


List of Figures

Otto Dov Kulka

The Participants: The Men Who Attended the Wannsee Conference
Hans-Christian Jasch and Christoph Kreutzmüller

Chapter 1. Biographical approaches and the Wannsee Conference. Introduction
Mark Roseman

Chapter 2. Otto Adolf Eichmann. The RSHA’s “Jewish Expert”
Bettina Stangneth

Chapter 3. Reinhard Heydrich. The Nazi Terror Enforcer
Robert Gerwarth

Chapter 4. Otto Hofmann. SS Race and Settlement Main Office. A pragmatic enforcer of racial policy?
Isabel Heinemann

Chapter 5. Dr. Rudolf Lange. Academic, Committed Warmonger and Mass Murderer
Peter Klein

Chapter 6. Heinrich Müller. Head of Department IV of the Reich Main Security Office. “Gestapo Müller”
Johannes Tuchel

Chapter 7. Dr. Eberhard Schöngarth. Commander of the Security Police and the SD in the General Government. A practitioner of mass murder
Olaf Löschke

Chapter 8. Josef Bühler. State Secretary for the General Government. A behind-the-scenes perpetrator
Ingo Loose

Chapter 9. Roland Freisler. Reich Ministry of Justice. Hitler’s “political soldier”
Silke Struck

Chapter 10. Dr. Gerhard Klopfer. Permanent Secretary in the Nazi Party Chancellery. A nationalist ideologue and a respectable West German
Markus Heckmann

Chapter 11. Friedrich Wilhelm Kritzinger. A Prussian Civil Servant under the Nazi Regime
Stefan Paul-Jacobs and Lore Kleiber

Chapter 12. Georg Leibbrandt. Head of Department I (Politics) in the Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories
Stefan Paul-Jacobs and Lore Kleiber

Chapter 13. Undersecretary Martin Luther. Defender of Foreign Office Prerogatives
Christopher R. Browning

Chapter 14. Alfred Meyer. From Middle-Class Imperialist to Nazi Desk Perpetrator
Heinz-Jürgen Priamus

Chapter 15. Erich Neumann. Undersecretary to the Plenipotentiary for the Four Year Plan. A colorless, compliant Prussian
Christoph Kreutzmüller

Chapter 16. Dr. Wilhelm Stuckart (1902–1953). State Secretary in the Reich Interior Ministry. “A Legal Pedant”
Hans-Christian Jasch


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