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His Contribution to the Establishment of Political Science

Émile Durkheim
Edited, with a commentary by W. Watts Miller
Translated by W. Watts Miller and Emma Griffiths

136 pages, bibliog.

ISBN  978-0-95299-360-5 $24.95/£17.00 Pb Published (October 2002)

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"... a splendid new edition."  · Robert Alun Jones

"... almost perfect."  · Marcel Fournier

Montesquieu's Spirit of the Laws (1748) is one of the outstanding works of modern social thought. Durkheim's Latin thesis (1892) is not only one of the outstanding interpretations of that work, but also a seminal statement of his own ideas on society and on sociological method. It was the companion thesis to The Division of Labour and a forerunner of The Rules of Sociological Method.

This is the first English translation directly from the original Latin text, and also includes the original text, along with full editorial notes, a related article by Durkheim on Hyppolite Taine and a commentary on Durkheim and Montesquieu by W. Watts Miller.

W. Watts Miller is editor of Durkheimian Studies and author of Durkheim, Morals and Modernity.

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Subject: Sociology Theory & Methodology in Anthropology

BL: YC.2002.a.19816

BISAC: SOC019000 SOCIAL SCIENCE/Methodology; SOC026000 SOCIAL SCIENCE/Sociology/General; SOC002000 SOCIAL SCIENCE/Anthropology/General

BIC: JHB Sociology; JHM Anthropology



Émile Durkheim: Montesquieu's contribution to the establishment of political science (Quid Secundatus Politicae Scientiae Instituendae Contulerit)


Chapter 1. The necessary conditions of the establishment of political science
Chapter 2. The extent to which Montesquieu assigned political science its own subject matter
Chapter 3. Montesquieu's classification of states and societies
Chapter 4. The extent to which Montesquieu saw definite laws of the political world
Chapter 5. On the method Montesquieu followed


On the Work of Taine (Sur L'Oeuvre de Taine)

W. Watts Miller: Durkheim and Montesquieu


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