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Refugees Welcome?: Difference and Diversity in a Changing Germany

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Refugees Welcome?

Difference and Diversity in a Changing Germany

Edited by Jan-Jonathan Bock and Sharon Macdonald

348 pages, 10 illus., bibliog., index

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The arrival in 2015 and 2016 of over one million asylum seekers and refugees in Germany had major social consequences and gave rise to extensive debate about the nature of cultural diversity and collective life. This volume examines the responses and implications of what was widely seen as the most major and contested social change since reunification. It combines in-depth studies based on anthropological fieldwork with analyses of the longer trajectories of migration and social change, and its original analyses have significance not only for Germany but also for the understanding of diversity and difference in a wider sense.

Jan-Jonathan Bock is Programme Director at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, United Kingdom. His publications include Austerity, Community Action and the Future of Citizenship in Europe (2018), co-edited with Shana Cohen and Christina Fuhr.

Sharon Macdonald is Alexander von Humboldt Professor of Social Anthropology at the Institute of European Ethnology, Humboldt-Universität Berlin. She founded and directs the Centre for Anthropological Research on Museums and Heritage (CARMAH), as well as its major project Making Differences – Transforming Museums and Heritage in the 21st Century.

Subject: Sociology Refugee & Migration Studies Political Economy
Area: Germany


List of Illustrations

Introduction: Making, Experiencing and Managing Difference in a Changing Germany
Jan-Jonathan Bock & Sharon Macdonald


Chapter 1. Language as Battleground: ‘Speaking’ the Nation, Lingual Citizenship and Diversity Management in Postunification Germany
Uli Linke

Chapter 2. Diversity and Unity – Political and Conceptual Answers to Experiences of Differences and Diversities in Germany
Friedrich Heckmann

Chapter 3. Jews, Muslims and the Ritual Male Circumcision Debate: Religious Diversity and Social Inclusion in Germany
Gökce Yurdakul


Chapter 4. Islam, Vernacular Culture and Creativity in Stuttgart
Petra Kuppinger

Chapter 5. ‘Neukölln is where I live; it’s now there I’m from’. Children of Migrants Navigating Belonging in a Rapidly Changing Urban Space in Berlin
Carola Tize & Ria Reis

Chapter 6. The Post-Migrant Paradigm
Naika Foroutan


Chapter 7. New Year’s Eve, Sexual Violence and Moral Panics: Ruptures and Continuities in Germany’s Integration Regime
Kira Kosnick

Chapter 8. Solidarity with Refugees: Negotiations of Proximity and Memory
Serhat Karakayalı

Chapter 9. Negotiating Cultural Difference in Dresden’s Pegida Movement and Berlin’s Refugee Church
Jan-Jonathan Bock


Chapter 10. Interstitial Agents: Negotiating Migration and Diversity in Theatre
Jonas Tinius

Chapter 11. Articulating a Noncitizen Politics: Nation-State Pity versus Democratic Inclusion
Damani J Partridge

Chapter 12. The Refugees-Welcome Movement: A New Form of Political Action
Werner Schiffauer

Concluding Reflection: Refugee Futures and the Politics of Belonging
Sharon Macdonald


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