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Carnage and Care on the Eastern Front

The War Diaries of Bernhard Bardach, 1914-1918

Bernhard Bardach†
Translated and Edited by Peter C. Appelbaum
Foreword by Jay Winter
Introduction by Helmut Konrad

384 pages, 31 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78533-978-3 $130.00/£92.00 Hb Not Yet Published (August 2018)

eISBN 978-1-78533-979-0 eBook Not Yet Published

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For nearly all of the Great War, the Jewish doctor Bernhard Bardach served with the Austro-Hungarian army in present-day Ukraine. His diaries from that period, unpublished and largely overlooked until now, represent a distinctive and powerful record of daily life on the Eastern Front. In addition to key events such as the 1916 Brusilov Offensive, Bardach also gives memorable descriptions of military personalities, refugees, food shortages, and the uncertainty and boredom that inescapably attended life on the front. Ranging from the critical first weeks of fighting to the ultimate collapse of the Austrian army, these meticulously written diaries comprise an invaluable eyewitness account of the Great War.

Peter C. Appelbaum is an Emeritus Professor of Pathology, Pennsylvania State University. His books include Loyalty Betrayed: Jewish Chaplains in the German Army During the First World War and Loyal Sons: Jews in the German Army in the Great War (both 2014).

Subject: WWI History Jewish Studies
Area: Central/Eastern Europe


List of Illustrations

Foreword: All Quiet on the Eastern Front: The War Diaries of Bernhard Bardach
Jay Winter

Note on town names
Translator’s Introduction

Introduction: Bernhard Bardach: A Biographical Sketch
Helmut Konrad


Chapter 1. 1914: Poland, Russia, Carpathians
Chapter 2. 1915: Carpathians, Gorlice-Tarnów, Southern and Western Ukraine
Chapter 3. 1916: The Brusilov Offensive and Its Aftermath
Chapter 4. 1917: Winter in Ukraine – inspections -- Blockade – Worsening Shortages
Chapter 5. 1918: Treaty of Brest Litovsk – Crippling Shortages – Piave – War’s End


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