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Berghahn Series

Interspecies Encounters

Series Editors:
Rebecca Marsland, Alex Nading and Chrissie Wanner, University of Edinburgh

The last decade has seen significant theoretical advances in critical animal studies, posthumanism, science and technology studies, perspectivism, and multispecies anthropology. This groundbreaking series offers innovative works in the social sciences, which have risen to the challenge of engaging across species boundaries: humans, animals, insects, plants, and microbes, and expands methodological and theoretical approaches in the course of ethnographic engagements with other species. Questioning the distinction between human and non-human through innovative narrative and methodological strategies, books in the series address a range of pressing social and environmental issues.
Formal submissions should be sent directly to Berghahn Books, however initial enquiries are encouraged and should be sent to Rebecca Marsland, who will be able to advise and help you through the formal procedure. For more information on Berghahn's manuscript submission procedure, please look at the Info for Authors section on this web site. If you have any queries about the formal procedure, please contact Berghahn.