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Berghahn’s Best-selling Books in History

We are delighted to present a list of our History bestsellers in honor of the American Historical Association’s 2020 – 2021 Virtual Conference. Visit our Virtual AHA Booth for special opportunities for discounts and engagements. In celebration of this year’s AHA Virtual Conference, the following and all other History titles, both print and eBook, are 35% off […]

Berghahn Staff Recipes

In the spirit of Show and Tell at Work Day, we’d like to share a few recipes from our Berghahn staff. Listen to to latest episode of the Salon B Podcast on “Intimacy” for culinary tips, tricks, and a bit of cheer as we brave the long winter months ahead. Lorna’s Mulled Wine Ingredients 4 […]

Book Preview: Making Scenes: Global Perspectives on Scenes in Rock Art

Did scenes in rock art create new ways of seeing the world? In commemoration of #OldRockDay on 7 January, we are delighted to provide a book preview (along with striking images) of Iain Davidson and April Nowell’s forthcoming title, MAKING SCENES: Global Perspectives on Scenes in Rock Art, available February 2021. MAKING SCENES: GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES […]

Editors’ Picks: Recommended reading from the Berghahn Editorial Team

Our editors have put together a list of recommendations per our updated subject categories. Bundle any of these eBooks together at a discounted price by using coupon code 2020EOY through our website. See details about this offer below. Sale Details Use coupon code 2020EOY at check out. The end-of-year sale provides a tiered discount based […]

Berghahn’s Best-selling Books in Anthropology

Winner of the American Anthropological Association’s Executive Director’s Award of Excellence for Publishing in Anthropology, Berghahn Books is proud to remain “absolutely essential to scholarly communication in the field of Anthropology.” It is our honor to present a list of our Anthropology bestsellers below. In celebration of this year’s AAA Raising Our Voices Event, these […]


The team at Academic Influence recently published their list of the most influential anthropologists today, featuring 25 academics from across the globe. As a publisher of Anthropology for over 25 years we at Berghahn Books were delighted to find a number of our authors featured. The complete list is well worth reading in full, but […]

Boneyard Quiet: A Ghost Story

In recognition of its Halloween release date, our premiere episode of Salon B is themed around bones, featuring bones both real and fabricated as well as the bone-like structure of a now ghostly bridge. Listen to “Bones” here. Follow along with A.E. Garrison as she recounts the ghosts within the capitalist landscapes of late modernity […]

Berghahn Journals Open Access

Our growing collection of Open Access content is available to meet your remote learning and online teaching needs during these trying times. Berghahn Journals invites you to share this list with your students and colleagues. Berghahn Open Anthro A subscribe-to-open initiative which flipped 13 anthropology journals to open access in 2020. All 2020 volumes are open […]

Excerpt: Navigating Miscarriage

A striking feature of accounts of and literature on miscarriage is the trope of silence. The slogan of Baby Loss Awareness Week, which began in the UK sixteen years ago, is ‘Break the silence’. . . Approaches to miscarriage have changed dramatically and the silence has steadily eroded in much of Euro-America, as evidenced not […]

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Lesley Gill: Can the Left Revive the ‘Pink Tide’ amid a Global Pandemic?

As Covid-19 has washed over Latin America like a tsunami and the pillars of shaky economies have shuddered under lockdowns, the priority of profits over public welfare stands out in starker relief, restating the need for effective public policies and demanding government intervention more than ... Continue reading →

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EDITED BOOK IN THE BERGHAHN BOOKS “Worlds of Memory” SERIES (DE)COMMEMORATION Making sense of the contemporary calls for tearing down statues and renaming places Editors Sarah Gensburger, French National Center […] ... Continue reading →

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tracing european bodies

Linda Lapiņa, Roskilde University Magic-Hazmat Suit, by Lord Triceratops. Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License Notes [1] The spellings of europe and ... Continue reading →

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