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Crafting Chinese Memories: The Art and Materiality of Storytelling

by Katherine Swancutt

Katherine Swancutt is the author of Crafting Chinese Memories: The Art and Materiality of Storytelling.

Storytelling is always an entertaining and lively theme, but it’s surprisingly elusive to come to grips with conceptually. This is especially the case when pairing storytelling with other great warhorses of social theory like art, materiality, and memory, which often require fine-grained interdisciplinary detail to bring them fully to light. Factor in the study of China from ancient times to the present day – with an expansive focus that includes not only the Han ethnic majority, but also China’s ethnic minorities, the strange, and the Other – and you have the makings of a rather epic volume on one of the oldest and richest civilizations in the world. Crafting Chinese Memories sets out to do all of this through original essays on Chinese art, film, historiography, literature, socialism, imagination, fantasy, race, colonialism, statelessness, personal memoirs, elite inner circles, legends, ethnography, mimesis, and gestures to what counts as ‘memorable’. Wearing multiple disciplinary hats at once, each of the volume’s contributors explores personal, social, and cultural memories in and of China. Their contributions reveal the myriad mise-en-abyme (or ‘stories within a story’) that unfold through the memory works of artists, filmmakers, novelists, life writers, civil servants, and indigenous storytellers. Readers are invited to treat themselves to this enthralling panorama of memory-making that unfolds within and beyond China’s borders.

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Delta Life: Exploring Dynamic Environments where Rivers Meet the Sea

Edited by Franz Krause and Mark Harris

Franz Krause and Mark Harris are the editors of Delta Life: Exploring Dynamic Environments where Rivers Meet the Sea (Open Access).

What is a river delta? There is a popular answer to this question among people who have had geography lessons and seen satellite images of deltas: usually, a delta is the area formed by the sediments of a river as it spills into another waterbody. It often features a fascinating network of meandering channels and distributaries, and its human land uses must adapt to the vagaries of a dynamic terrain characterized by land subsistence, flood risk, rampant erosion and high sediment loads.

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Celebrating World Food Day

World Food Day is celebrated each year on 16 October to promote worldwide awareness and action for those who suffer from hunger and for the need to ensure food security and nutritious diets for all.

To mark this milestone, we are delighted to feature a selection of related titles in Food and Nutrition.

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Celebrate Coming Out Day with these Archaeology Titles

In honor of #ComingOutDay on October 11th, we present the following titles edited by Katherine Crawford-Lackey and Megan E. Springate that emphasize the history and preservation of two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer settings in the United States.

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Spotlight: Hannah Arendt

Hannah Arendt (14 October 1906 – 4 December 1975), German-American philosopher and political theorist, was the first to argue that there were continuities between the age of European imperialism and the age of fascism in Europe. In her pivotal work The Origins of Totalitarianism (1951), she established that theories of race, notions of racial and cultural superiority, and the right of ‘superior races’ to expand territorially were themes that connected the white settler colonies, the other imperial possessions, and the fascist ideologies of post-Great War Europe.

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September 27th is World Tourism Day, a day to foster awareness and appreciation of tourism’s social, cultural, political and economic value.

This year’s theme focus is on “Tourism for Inclusive Growth”. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive social and economic impact. Both developed and developing economies have been hit. And marginalized groups and the most vulnerable have been hit hardest of all. The restart of tourism will help kickstart recovery and growth. It is essential that the benefits this will bring are enjoyed widely and fairly. For more information please visit

In recognition, Berghahn Books offer 25% discount code BBWTD21 on all Travel and Tourism print & eBooks. In addition Journals is offering FULL access to Journeys until October 4. To access, use promo Tourism21. View redemption instructions.

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Identity in Peer Review: Fostering New Voices by Changing Editorial Practices

by Joanna Cobley and Conal McCarthy

Researchers at all stages and levels are encouraged to publish. Academic publications, including Museums Worlds: Advances in Research, undergo a peer review process. The purpose of peer review is to ensure research integrity while encouraging new ideas, knowledges and experimental methods to emerge. In fact, peer review fosters researcher development for the researcher and reviewer, and for the entire publishing team working behind the scenes, including the journal editors, copyeditors and publishing house editors. As a result, peer review develops a dynamic community of practitioners.

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Of Soldiers and Dreamers: Peter Lilienthal in Latin America

by Claudia Sandberg 

Claudia Sandberg is the author of Peter Lilienthal : A Cinema of Exile and Resistance.

Sitting at a wooden bench, the young woman Marcela follows the teacher attentively. She has decided to take part in the literacy campaign that was launched by the Unidad Popular government. In a group with other woman, they have gathered in the meeting place and school of the shanty town community La Victoria, situated at the fringes of the Chilean capital, to get trained for this task. The teacher in front holds up a poster that shows a family of three generations. Below appears the Spanish word HOGAR (home). Marcela protests that this image surely does not represent the reality of many people. The other women chime in by referring to their own situation; they are married, divorced, or widowed, they live alone, with their children or with their parents. The word home means something different to each one of them.  

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Introducing the KU Migration and Development Studies collection

Berghahn Books is proud to be partnering with Knowledge Unlatched to present the KU Migration and Development Studies collection. Every year until 2023 we will be adding 20 front-list titles to the collection, covering the topics of international migration and movement as well as the social implications of economic and environmental change for communities. As libraries and institutions sign up for the collection and pledge their financial support, KU is able to fund the ‘unlatching’ of these books, making them available as Open Access.

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Most Popular Film Articles

We are excited to have virtual presence at the International Screen Studies Conference 2021 June 25-27. Please stop by our virtual booth and explore our offerings.

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