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Winter and Summer Pockets of Hope

European Judaism

by Christine Cohen Park

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Are There Sustainable Cities in the Arctic?

by Robert Orttung

Robert Orttung is the author of Sustaining Russia’s Arctic Cities: Resource Politics, Migration, and Climate Changewhich will be available in paperback in 2018. We’re offering 25% off the paperback with code ORT427 on our website.

More than four million people live in the Arctic, but so far few scholars have addressed urban conditions there. In fact, most people living in the Arctic reside in cities. Sustaining Russia’s Arctic Cities: Resource Politics, Migration, and Climate Change is one of the first to try to examine how sustainable these cities are.

The edited volume Sustaining Russia’s Arctic Cities grew out of a multi-disciplinary and multi-national team of scholars interested in the Arctic. The idea to focus on cities came from one of the book’s contributors, Nikolay Shiklomanov, during a meeting of faculty with an interest in the Arctic at George Washington University. Participants represented both natural scientists who study permafrost and climate change, and social scientists interested in migration and energy development. Cities proved to be the meeting ground where all of our interests converged. As resource extraction continues in the Arctic, more workers are moving to the region and building more infrastructure there. However, the extraction and subsequent combustion of fossil fuels leads to warming in many parts of the Arctic, typically at a rate much faster than on other parts of the planet.

The focus of this book is on Russian cities in the Arctic because Russia has gone the farthest of the Arctic countries in developing urban space in the far north. Stalin built large cities in the region as did subsequent Soviet leaders in an effort to develop the rich resources found there.

The book addresses the question of how humans can live in the Arctic while having minimal impact on the environment. There are no easy answers, so the various chapters consider the history of Arctic development in the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia, policy-making processes for the Arctic in Moscow, the administration of specific Arctic cities, the nature of the workers who make their living in the Arctic, the prospects for land and sea transportation in the region, and what we know about the future climate.

This book is the first of several that we hope to publish in an on-going research project. Currently, Sustaining Russia’s Arctic Cities serves as a foundation for developing an Arctic Urban Sustainability Index. This index will examine five types of variables – economic, social, environmental, governance and planning. The Index is in its early stages and we are reporting progress over time at our project website. The most recent publications include two reports in the 2017 Arctic Yearbook. The project has the support of the National Science Foundation Partnerships for International Research and Education.

We hope that readers from a wide variety of disciplines and perspectives will find the book useful in starting to think more serious about cities in the Arctic. Ultimately, we hope that this research program will lead to useful advice for mayors and other Arctic policy makers as they try to improve lives for the citizens of Arctic cities.


Robert W. Orttung is the research director for the George Washington University Sustainability Collaborative. He is also an associate research professor at GW’s Elliott School of International Affairs. He has written and edited numerous books on Russia and energy politics.

We will be attending the AHA 2018 Meeting!

We are delighted to inform you that we will be attending the 2018 AHA Annual Meeting in Washington DC, January 4-7, 2018. Please stop by Booth #413 to browse our latest selection of books at discounted prices and pick up free journal samples.

If you can’t attend, get a 25% discount on all History titles on our website with code AHA18. Browse our newly published interactive online History 2018 catalog or use the new enhanced subject searching features­ for a complete listing of all published and forthcoming titles.

We hope to see you in Washington DC!

Below is a preview of some of our newest releases on display:


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International Migrants Day

On December 18, the international community recognizes the rights of migrants around the world. Each year the UN invites governments, organizations, and individuals to distribute information on the human rights and migrants’ fundamental freedoms.This is the day to express our support and solidarity with all immigrants. For more information please visit

With this in mind, we present below a selection of related titles, and a 25% discount on all of our Refugee and Migration Studies books for the next 30 days. At checkout, simply enter the code IMG17. For a full range of our titles, please visit our website.

Also, please scroll down to view and access a list of Related Articles from Berghahn Journals, until Dec 31!

The Lives of Somali Youth Raised in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya
Catherine-Lune Grayson

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Why Remember Margaret Mead?

Photo from Blackberry Winter: My Earlier Years with the caption "In Vaitogi: in Samoan dress, with Fa'amotu."

Photo from Blackberry Winter: My Earlier Years with the caption “In Vaitogi: in Samoan dress, with Fa’amotu.”


(Originally Published 12/14/2015)

To commemorate Margaret Mead’s birthday this month, we’re honored to share a short piece from her daughter, Mary Catherine Bateson. Bateson is an anthropologist and the author of many books, including Composing a Life. As she notes below, 2015 marks the 91st anniversary of Mead’s trip to Samoa in 1925, when Mead did her fieldwork resulting in the seminal book Coming of Age in Samoa. Working closely with Mary Catherine Bateson and also Professor William O. Beeman, Berghahn Books republished six volumes of Mead’s writing, with new introductions, in the early 2000’s.

We’re pleased to announce new discounted prices on all titles in the Margaret Mead: The Study of Contemporary Western Culture book series, and we’re offering FREE access to this chapter titled Talks with Social Scientists: Margaret Mead on What is a Culture? What is a Civilization? from Studying Contemporary Western Society for a limited time.

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Interview with the Editors: European Anthropologies

european anthropologiesThe following is an interview with Andrés Barrera-González, Monica Heintz and Anna Horolets (editors of European Anthropologies which was recently published by Berghahn). Andrés Barrera-González is tenured Profesor Titular in Social Anthropology at Universidad Complutense, Madrid. Monica Heintz (PhD Cambridge 2002) is Associate Professor in Social Anthropology at the University of Paris Nanterre. Anna Horolets is an Associate Professor at the Chair of Social Anthropology, University of Gdańsk.

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Interview with Martin Holbraad on becoming editor of Social Analysis

The following is an interview with Martin Holbraad, editor of the journal Social Analysis: The International Journal of Social and Cultural Practice. If you are attending AAA in Washington DC, join us on Friday, December 1st at 3:30 in the exhibit hall area for a wine reception to be held at the Berghahn stand #306, to celebrate the launch of our new series titled Studies in Social Analysis under general editor Martin Holbraad, who has also been appointed editor of Social Analysis, the journal. In addition, please join Martin at his roundtable discussion on What is ‘analysis’? Between theory, ethnography and method on Saturday, December 2nd at 2pm. Speakers include Nurit Bird-David, Alberto Corsin Jimenez, Veena Das, Sarah Green, Ghassan Hage, Hannah Knox, Eduardo Kohn, and our founding editor, Bruce Kapferer.


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“Pockets of Hope”: Peaceful Coexistence in Israel & Palestine

European Judaism

by Christine Cohen Park

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We’re delighted to offer a selection of latest releases from our core subjects of Anthropology, Gender Studies, History, Media Studies, and Urban Studies, along with our New in Paperback titles.

Toward a Relational Anthropology of the State
Edited by Tatjana Thelen, Larissa Vetters, and Keebet von Benda-Beckmann

NEW SERIES: Volume 4, Studies in Social Analysis


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Berghahn Journals: New Issues Published in November


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