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Berghahn Series

Film and the Global Cold War

Published by Berghahn Books and the DEFA Film Library at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

Series Editor
Skyler J. Arndt-Briggs, Executive Director, DEFA Film Library

Editorial Board
Seán Allan, University of St. Andrews
Barton Byg, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Anne Ciecko, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Thomas Lindenberger, Hannah Arendt Institute for the Study of Totalitarianism at Technische Universität Dresden
Ralf Schenk, DEFA Foundation

This interdisciplinary publication series explores the multiple and particular ways in which films, filmmaking, and film industries participated in and were shaped by the Cold War. It proceeds from the premise that the Cold War organized global interrelationships for nearly half of the twentieth century, just as colonialism had in preceding centuries. Films in this period were intimately involved in both state aspirations and national cultures, while at the same time their creation, distribution, and consumption were part of broader transnational trends. Because film connects a range of domains—including art, advertising, propaganda, information, and individual creative labor—it also offers privileged insights into a wide variety of sociocultural contexts, all of them shaped by the era’s aesthetic, ideological, political, and economic forces.