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In commemoration of German reunification

3 October 2020 marks the thirtieth anniversary of German Unity Day. Tag der Deutschen Einheit celebrates the 1990 reunification of the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic with ceremonial acts and the citizens’ festival Bürgerfest. In commemoration, browse and read freely available introductions to our relevant titles on the ramifications of a divided Germany below.

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International Translation Day

According to the United Nations, International Translation Day is “an opportunity to pay tribute to the work of language professionals, which plays an important role in bringing nations together, facilitating dialogue, understanding and cooperation.”

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Everything you need to know for #VirtualGSA2020

Access our new German Studies catalog here to view our latest titles!

We are pleased to invite you to visit our virtual stand at the German Studies Association annual meeting taking place online from 30 September to 4 October 2020. Please see below for information about special offers from Berghahn Books for titles purchased through our website.

For anyone who would have liked to discuss their manuscript with us at the conference, our editors are happy to arrange for a chat over email or virtually. Visit our GSA page for virtual booth hours or contact Chris Chappell to set up a meeting.

A wide range of German Studies titles

Visit Berghahn’s GSA page for featured books and journals, virtual booth hours, and more.

GSA Special Offer

Enjoy 30% off all German Studies titles (in both print and eBook formats) until 6 November, 2020! Read our newsletter for recommended titles and discount information.

Visit us at the conference

Catch us at the GSA exhibit hall and visit our virtual booth here.

LGBTQ Community Histories

In commemoration of #BiWeek, we are featuring titles edited by Katherine Crawford-Lackey and Megan E. Springate that emphasize the history and preservation of two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer settings in the United States. Browse the editors’ works below and read freely accessible excerpts by following the links.

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German Language Day

German Language Day occurs every 12 September, commemorating the language of many of the world’s renowned artists and thinkers. To encourage the speaking of German across the globe, this commemorative day was created in 2001. It is observed every second Saturday in September.

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Texts for Teaching

Our textbooks and paperbacks are perfectly suited for teaching beyond the traditional classroom, in remote learning environments and with large class sizes. View our list of recent and featured titles suitable for courses below (available in eBook and paperback) and visit the title links for format options and freely available introductions.

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Birds of Passage: Hunting and conservation in Malta

Mark-Anthony Falzon

My interest in, and love for, nature go back to my early childhood. There was something Victorian about the books I read on butterflies: they contained descriptions and beautiful illustrations of (British, usually) species, but they also taught you how to catch butterflies, kill them using potassium cyanide, and set them on mounting boards. I wondered why our local chemists would not supply me with potassium cyanide, and experimented with alternative methods. My butterfly collection became a source of mounting unease in my teens, when I joined two societies for nature and bird conservation. I realised that, while both were rooted in the same passion, collecting and conservation could be hard to reconcile. By the time I joined the Malta Ornithological Society (now Birdlife Malta), I knew which side I was on. I wrote angry missives to the press, joined street protests and did everything I could to thwart the murderous designs of Malta’s thousands of hunters.

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August Simulated Shelves

We are delighted to share the following new releases in Anthropology, History, and Mobility Studies as well as titles new in paperback this month.

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A Taste for Oppression

An interview with Ronan Hervouet following the 2020 Belarus Election

13 August 2020

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The beginning of a Germany divided

East German construction workers building the Berlin Wall in 1961.

13 August 2020 marks the fifty-ninth anniversary of the construction of the Berlin Wall. The Iron Curtain was assembled in the middle of Berlin in August 1961 and expanded over the following months to ultimately divide West Berlin from the surrounding East Germany, prohibiting East Germans to pass into West Germany for decades. Browse and read freely available introductions to our relevant titles on the history and ramifications of a divided Germany below.

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