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Drinking: Anthropological Approaches

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Volume 4

Anthropology of Food & Nutrition

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Anthropological Approaches

Edited by Igor de Garine and Valerie de Garine

272 pages, 17 tables, 20 figs, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-57181-809-6 $135.00/£99.00 Hb Published (December 2001)

ISBN  978-1-57181-315-2 $29.95/£23.95 Pb Published (December 2001)

eISBN 978-1-78533-165-7 eBook

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“…a very valuable book…Lie any good book, this one raises as many questions as it answers. It is a solidly anthropological volume, combining biological and cultural dimension of the discipline. I recommend the book highly.”  ·  American Anthropologist


Over the last decades quite a few studies have been devoted to drinking. Most of these were concerned with alcohol and written by social anthropologists. This book presents multidisciplinary aspects of the ingestion of liquids at large, addressing many of the overt and covert meanings of drinking: from satisfying biological needs to communicating with humans and the hereafter, attempting to reach a differential emotional state or seeking good health and longevity through the ingestion of appropriate beverages. It includes papers from both biological and social scientists and covers a fair range of societies from rural and urban environments, and in continents and countries ranging from Europe, Africa, and Latin America to Malaysia and the Pacific.

Igor de Garine, Emeritus Director of Research, CNRS, Paris, and President of the International Commission for the Anthropology of Food

Subject: Food & Nutrition Anthropology (General)


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Chapter 1. For a Pluridisciplinary Approach to Drinking
Igor de Garine

Chapter 2. Thirst and Drinking as a Biocultural Process
Luis Alberto Vargas

Chapter 3. Water and Drinking in an Ecological Context among Australian Aboriginal People Practising Traditional
Subsistence Methods
Stanley J. Ulijaszek

Chapter 4. Nor Any Drop to Drink: Everyday Drinking Habits in Pacific and New Zealand Societies
Nancy J. Pollock

Chapter 5. Drinking in Northern Cameroon among the Masa and Muzey
lgor de Garine

Chapter 6. Milk Consumption in African Pastoral Peoples
Michael A. Little, Sandra J. Gray and Benjamin C. Campbell

Chapter 7. The Drinking Ritual among the Maasai
Fouad N. lbrahim

Chapter 8. Changing Perceptions on Milk as a Drink in Western Europe: The Case of the Netherlands
Adel P. den Hartog

Chapter 9. Milk in the Mountains
Helen M. Macbeth

Chapter 10. Wine and Health: The Protective Role of Moderate Consumption
A.M.Troncoso, M.C. Garcia Parrilla and M.V. Martinez Ortega

Chapter 11. Drinking: An Almost Silent Language
Isabel González Turmo

Chapter 12. Gender and Drink in Aragon, Spain
Luis Cantarero Abad

Chapter 13. Tapeo: An Identity Model of Public Drink and Food Consumption in Spain
Amado Millan

Chapter 14. Cantinas and Drinkers in Mexico
Ricardo Avila Palafox

Chapter 15. Tamadoba: Drinking Social Cohesion at the Georgian Table
Mary Ellen Chatwin

Chapter 16. An Ethnographic Account of the Many Roles of Millet Beer in the Culture of the Duupa Agriculturalists, (Poli Mountains) Northern Cameroon
Eric Garine

Chapter 17. Socio-Economic and Cultural Implications of Alcoholic Beverages among the Abagusii of Western Kenya
Wilfred K. Subbo

Chapter 18. Alcohol, Slavery, and African Cultural Continuity in the British Caribbean
Frederick H.Smith

Chapter 19. Drinking in La Réunion: Between Living, Dying and Forgetting
Annie Hubert

Chapter 20. When is an Alcohol-Containing Substance Something Else? Southeast Asian Definitions
Christine S. Wilson

Chapter 21. Epilogue
Helen M. Macbeth


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