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José Antonio Primo de Rivera: The Reality and Myth of a Spanish Fascist Leader

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Volume 3

Studies in Latin American and Spanish History

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José Antonio Primo de Rivera

The Reality and Myth of a Spanish Fascist Leader

Joan Maria Thomàs
Translated from the Spanish by John Bates

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373 pages, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78920-208-3 25% OFF! $150.00/£107.00 $112.50/£80.25 Hb Published (May 2019)

eISBN 978-1-78920-209-0 eBook

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Praise for the Spanish edition:

“[A] definitive and up-to-date biography that sheds new light on the brief life of one who wanted to “direct the course of the great ship of the Fatherland.” • El País

“Although José Antonio has aroused an inexplicable sympathy within certain precincts of the Left, this biography by Joan Maria Thomàs erases any doubt about his ideology.” • Revista de Libros


There are few individuals in modern Spanish history that have been as thoroughly mythologized as José Antonio Primo de Rivera, a leading figure in the Spanish Civil War who was executed by the Republicans in 1936 and celebrated as a martyr following the victory of the Falangists. In this long-awaited translation, Joan Maria Thomàs provides a measured, exhaustively researched study of Primo de Rivera’s personality, beliefs, and political activity. His biography shows us a man dedicated to the creation of a fascist political regime that he aspired to one day lead, while at the same carefully distinguishing his aims from those of the Falangists and the Franco Regime.

Joan Maria Thomàs is Professor of Contemporary History at the Rovira i Virgili University. He is the author of many books on Falangism, fascism, and Spanish history, several of which have been translated into English. He is a member of the American Historical Association and a Corresponding Member of the Royal Academy of History.

Subject: 20th Century History
Area: Southern Europe



Chapter 1. José Antonio Primo de Rivera and His People
Chapter 2. The Rise of the First Born: From Defending His Father’s Memory to Molding a Second Primo de Rivera as the "Savior of Spain"
Chapter 3. Saving Spain  
Chapter 4. José Antonio’s Fascist Ideology
Chapter 5. The Most Important Myth and Hero Worship in Franco’s Spain, Second Only to Franco Himself


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