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Nordic War Stories: World War II as History, Fiction, Media, and Memory

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Volume 7

Worlds of Memory

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Nordic War Stories

World War II as History, Fiction, Media, and Memory

Marianne Stecher-Hansen

400 pages, 20 illus., biblog., index

ISBN  978-1-78920-961-7 $145.00/£107.00 Hb Not Yet Published (February 2021)

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“The fascinating chapters in Nordic War Stories reveal the vastly different fates of the five Nordic countries concerning occupation, resistance, neutrality and engagement.” • Marianne N. Soleim, The Arctic University of Norway


Situated on Europe’s northern periphery, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden found themselves caught between warring powers during World War II. Ultimately, these nations survived the conflict as sovereign states whose wartime experiences have profoundly shaped their historiography, literature, cinema and memory cultures. Nordic War Stories explores the commonalities and divergences among the five Nordic countries, examining national historiographies alongside representations of the war years in canonical literary works, travel writing, and film media. Together, they comprise a valuable companion that challenges the myth of Scandinavian homogeneity while demonstrating the powerful influence that the war continues to exert on national identities.

Marianne Stecher-Hansen is a Professor in the Department of Scandinavian Studies, University of Washington.

Subject: History: 20th Century to Present Media Studies
Area: Northern Europe


List of Illustrations
Editor’s Acknowledgements

Editor’s Introduction
Marianne Stecher-Hansen

Part I: War Historiography

Chapter 1. Finland in World War II—Tragedy, Survival, and Good Wars
Juhana H. Aunesluoma

Chapter 2. Danish Historical Narratives of the Occupation—The Promises and Lies of April 9th
Sofie Lene Bak

Chapter 3. The Norwegian War Experience—Occupied and Allied
Tom Kristiansen

Chapter 4. The Icelandic National Narrative and World War II—“Freedom and Culture”
Guðmundur Hálfdanarson

Chapter 5. Sweden’s Ambiguous War—Contradiction and Controversy
John Gilmour

Part II: War Literature – Archive

Chapter 6. Karin Boye as Ambivalent Spectator of Fascism
Amanda Doxtater

Chapter 7. Isak Dinesen in Hitler’s Berlin—Neutrality’s Cloak in “Letters from a Land at War”
Marianne Stecher-Hansen

Chapter 8. Sigrid Undset’s Problematic Propaganda – The Call for Democracy in Return to the Future
Christine Hamm

Part III: War Literature – Canon

Chapter 9. Hans Christian Branner—Angst and the Existential Crisis of War in Denmark
Mark Mussari

Chapter 10. Crises of Memory in Norway’s Occupation Novel—Sigurd Hoel’s Meeting at the Milestone
Dean Krouk

Chapter 11. The Battle over Finnish Cultural Memory of War—Väinö Linna’s The Unknown Soldier
Julia Pajunen

Chapter 12. Investigating Sweden’s Postwar Neutrality—Ethics in Per Olov Enquist’s The Legionnaires
Jan Krogh Nielsen

Chapter 13. The Allied Occupation of Iceland—Indriði G. Þorsteinsson’s North of War
Daisy Neijmann

Part IV: War Cinema – Remembering and Forgetting

Chapter 14. Somewhere in Sweden – Quality Fiction and Popularized History in the World War II Television Series
Erik Hedling

Chapter 15. Icelandic Cinema and the American Military Presence – The Girl Gogo, Atomic Station, and Devil’s Island
Pétur Valsson

Chapter 16. War Memory, Compassion, and the Finnish Child – Klaus Härö’s Mother of Mine
Liina-Ly Roos

Chapter 17. The War Film as Cultural Memory in Denmark – April 9th and Land of Mine
Marianne Stecher-Hansen

Chapter 18. Acts of Remembering – Audiovisual Memory and the New Norwegian Occupation Drama
Gunnar Iversen

Chapter 19. Finland Returning to War on Screen – The Unknown Soldier of 2017
John Sundholm

Editor’s Epilogue
Marianne Stecher-Hansen


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