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Empathy and History: Historical Understanding in Re-enactment, Hermeneutics and Education

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Volume 35

Making Sense of History

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Empathy and History

Historical Understanding in Re-enactment, Hermeneutics and Education

Tyson Retz

256 pages, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78533-919-6 $120.00/£89.00 Hb Published (July 2018)

eISBN 978-1-78533-920-2 eBook

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“It is truly fascinating to accompany Retz as he examines international perceptions, transfers and combinations of empathy-related concepts across the world.” • Juliane Brauer, Max Planck Institute for Human Development


Since empathy first emerged as an object of inquiry within British history education in the early 1970s, teachers, scholars and policymakers have debated the concept’s role in the teaching and learning of history. Yet over the years this discussion has been confined to specialized education outlets, while empathy’s broader significance for history and philosophy has too often gone unnoticed. Empathy and History is the first comprehensive account of empathy’s place in the practice, teaching, and philosophy of history. Beginning with the concept’s roots in nineteenth-century German historicism, the book follows its historical development, transformation, and deployment while revealing its relevance for practitioners today.

Tyson Retz is Associate Professor at the University of Stavanger, Norway. He holds a doctorate in history from the University of Melbourne.

Subject: General History Educational Studies


List of abbreviations



Chapter 1. Reforming the Past
Chapter 2. The Influence of the Philosophy of History
Chapter 3. A Conceptual Portmanteau


Chapter 4. Empathy and Historicism
Chapter 5. Historicism, Neo-Kantianism and Hermeneutics
Chapter 6. Collingwood and the Continent
Chapter 7. Questions, Answers and Presuppositions
Chapter 8. Horizons of Context


Chapter 9. Competing Conceptions
Chapter 10. Historical Thinking and Historical Consciousness



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