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An Understanding of Judaism

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Volume 1

Progressive Judaism Today

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An Understanding of Judaism

John D. Rayner†

272 pages, glossary

ISBN  978-1-57181-971-0 $135.00/£99.00 Hb Published (December 1997)

ISBN  978-1-57181-972-7 $29.95/£23.95 Pb Published (December 1997)

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This is the first of two volumes of edited sermons spanning the greater part of the second half of the twentieth century, and the first major collection of sermons from a Liberal Jewish point ofview produced in Britain since Claude G. Montefiore's Truth in Religion of 1906. It combines forthrightly radical thinking with spirituality, love of Jewish tradition, and an abundance of carefully documented quotations from classical Jewish sources. This combination yields many fresh insights into the interpretation of Scripture, as examined in Part I, and the significance ofthe Jewish festivals dealt with in Part II, and brings out the relevance of both to present-day intellectual and social issues. Both Parts will be found to contain many original ideas, novel formulations, and occasional touches of humour.

John D. Rayner† graduated from Emmanuel College, Cambridge and Hebrew Union College Jewish Institute of Religion, Cincinnati. He was Emeritus Rabbi of the Liberal Jewish Synagogue, London, Hon. Life-President of the Union of Liberal and Progressive Synagogues, and Lecturer in Liturgy at Leo Baeck College, London.

Subject: Jewish Studies


List of Abbreviations


Chapter 1. The Myth of the Garden
Chapter 2. Cain and Abel
Chapter 3. Never Again?
Chapter 4. The Tower of Babel
Chapter 5. Abraham and Sodom
Chapter 6. Ishmael my Brother
Chapter 7. The Birthright of a Jew
Chapter 8. Israel and Edom
Chapter 9. Jacob's Ladder
Chapter 10. Esau's Kiss
Chapter 11. Life and the Use We Make of it
Chapter 12. The Ten Plagues
Chapter 13. The Spirit of Nachshon
Chapter 14. Miriam and Deborah
Chapter 15. The Jews had Light
Chapter 16. Sacrifices
Chapter 17. Loving the Stranger
Chapter 18. The Numbers Game
Chapter 19. Eldad and Medad
Chapter 20. The Cushite Woman
Chapter 21. The Spirit that Affirms
Chapter 22. Controversies and Controversies
Chapter 23. The Mortality of Moses
Chapter 24. Jews and Non-Jews
Chapter 25. Signposts of Repentance
Chapter 26. The Stranger Who Lives Among You
Chapter 27. Good God?
Chapter 28. Sword or Book


Chapter 29. Season of Freedom
Chapter 30. Season of Revelation
Chapter 31. Season of Sorrow
Chapter 32. Season of Repentance
Chapter 33. Season of Atonement
Chapter 34. Season of Gladness
Chapter 35. Season of Dedication
Chapter 36. Season of Levity

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