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Racism in Metropolitan Areas

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Volume 3

Culture and Politics/Politics and Culture

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Racism in Metropolitan Areas

Edited by Rik Pinxten and Ellen Preckler

200 pages, index

ISBN  978-1-84545-088-5 $135.00/£99.00 Hb Published (December 2005)

ISBN  978-1-84545-089-2 $29.95/£23.95 Pb Published (December 2005)

eISBN 978-1-78238-790-9 eBook

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“…a complex and fascinating book…[that] offers sophisticated analyses for readers with a specialized interest in culture, politics, and racism.”  ·  Journal of Sociology and Social Wellfare


For several decades, a political discourse, which incites exclusion and hatred againt those who are perceived as different, has been gaining ground, most notably in affluent and developed countries. Focusing on the growth of racism in large cities and urban areas, this volume presents the views of international scholars who work in the social sciences and statements by non-practicing academics such as journalists and policy makers. The contributions of the scientists and the non-academic specialists are grouped around common themes, highlighting existing debates and bringing together widely scattered information. The book explores the ways in which old forms of racism persist in the urban context, and how traditional exclusion systems like casteism can be likened to contemporary forms like racism directed at refugees.

Rik Pinxten is Professor and Senior Researcher in Anthropology and head of the Department of Comparative Sciences of Culture at Ghent University. He has published widely on the anthropology of knowledge and the comparative study of religion.

Ellen Preckler is Junior Interface Officer of the city of Ghent, facilitating the interaction between policy circles and youth movements in urban contexts.

Subject: Urban Studies General Anthropology Sociology


Introduction: Racism in Metropolitan Areas
Rik Pinxten and Ellen Preckler


Chapter 1. How a Dream was Shattered
Patrick Janssens

Chapter 2. Explaining Increased Racial Conflict in Post-industrial Societies: the Creation of Systemic ‘Competitive’ Youth Unemployment
Troy Duster

Chapter 3. Racial Conflicts in British Cities
Eric Seward

Chapter 4. Limits of Tolerance and Limited Tolerance: How Tolerant are the Danes?
Peter Hervik

Chapter 5. The Politics of ‘Caste is Race’: the Impact of Urbanisation
Dipankar Gupta

Chapter 6. Playing the Media: the Durban Case
Guy Poppe

Chapter 7. The Relevance of the Language of Race in South Asian Conflicts
Sumit Sarkar

Chapter 8. The Fremmede and the Dalit are Silent: Danish and Indian Cultural Worlds
Donald Robotham

Chapter 9. Approaching Racism: Attitudes, Actions and Social Structure
Robert A. Rubinstein


Chapter 10. The Paradox of Secondary Ethnicity
Emanuel Marx

Chapter 11. Is Harmony Possible in a Multiracial Society? The Case of Singapore
Mary Judd

Chapter 12. Racism and Intercultural Issues in Urban Europe
Jagdish S. Gundara

Chapter 13. Antiracist Empowerment through Culture and Legislation
Johan Leman

Chapter 14. Racism in Large Cities: the Means to Empower/Disempower Groups and Communities
Glyn Ford

Chapter 15. Riding the Tiger: the Difficult Relationship between NGOs and the Media
Marc Peirs

Chapter 16. Urban Crowds Manipulated: Assessing the Austrian Case as an Example in Wider European Tendencies
Andre Gingrich

Chapter 17. Some Reflections on Culture and Violence
Erwin Jans

Chapter 18. Naturalising Difference and Models of Coexistence: Concluding Comments
Laura Nader

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