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Germans Against Nazism: Nonconformity, Opposition and Resistance in the Third Reich: Essays in Honour of Peter Hoffmann

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Germans Against Nazism

Nonconformity, Opposition and Resistance in the Third Reich: Essays in Honour of Peter Hoffmann

Edited by Francis R. Nicosia and Lawrence D. Stokes†

464 pages, 1 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78238-815-9 $45.00/£36.00 Pb Published (August 2015)

eISBN 978-1-78238-816-6 eBook

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“…a compilation of twenty learned and erudite articles. The result is a masterwork of impeccable and impressive scholarship. Germans Against Nazism is a core and essential addition to academic library 20th-Century German History reference collections in general, and Nazi History supplemental studies reading lists in particular.” · Midwest Book Review

“The relationship between National Socialism and Resistance is a key to understanding the Third Reich, hence it is necessary to understand the resistance in all its complexity, to approach the reality of the Third Reich as closely as possible. This book can help us doing so.” · Francia

“Twenty authors have successfully joined forces in this work, which is characterized by a remarkable breadth of subject matter, originality, and archival research.” · Central European History

“Together, they are impressive evidence of the scope and vitality of the history of resistance and of its complexity. One paradox emerges: there is general agreement with Peter Hoffmann's view that German resistance was limited to the exceptional few who operated in a hostile environment.” · English Historical Review

“As the title also makes clear, while Peter Hoffmann's work is most famous for dealing with resistance action by Germany's social elites, this volume recognizes no such limitations.” · The Historical Journal


Rather than being accepted by all of German society, the Nazi regime was resisted in both passive and active forms. This re-issued volume examines opposition to National Socialism by Germans during the Third Reich in its broadest sense. It considers individual and organized nonconformity, opposition, and resistance ranging from symbolic acts of disobedience to organized assassination attempts, and looks at how disparate groups such as the Jewish community, churches, conservatives, communists, socialists, and the military all defied the regime in their own ways.

Francis R. Nicosia is Professor of History and Raul Hilberg Distinguished Professor of Holocaust Studies at the University of Vermont. He is the author of Nazi Germany and the Arab World (2014) and Zionism and Anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany (2008, 2010), and the coauthor of The Columbia Guide to the Holocaust (2000).

Lawrence D. Stokes† was Emeritus Professor of History at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He edited Kleinstadt und Nationalsozialismus: Ausgewählte Dokumente zur Geschichte von Eutin 1918-1945 (1984), and Der Eutiner Dichterkreis und der Nationalsozialismus 1936-1945: Eine Dokumentation (2001).

Subject: History: 20th Century to Present
Area: Germany


List of Tables
Preface to the Paperback Edition
Peter Hoffmann’s Bibliography since 1990

Chapter 1. Introduction: Resistance to National Socialism in the
 Work of Peter Hoffmann
Francis R. Nicosia

Chapter 2. Surveillance and Disobedience: Aspects of the
 Political Policing of Nazi Germany
Robert Gellately

Chapter 3. Conservative Opposition to Nazism in Eutin,
 Schleswig-Holstein, 1932-1933
Lawrence D. Stokes

Chapter 4. Self-Defence against Fascism in a Middle-Class
 Community: The Jews in Weimar Germany and Beyond
Arnold Paucker

Chapter 5. Jewish Resistance to Nazi Racial Legislation in
 Silesia, 1933-1937
Karol Jonca

Chapter 6. Between Pacifism and Patriotism - A Protestant
 Dilemma: The Case of Friedrich Siegmund-Schultze

John S. Conway

Chapter 7. A Radical Minority: Resistance in the German
 Protestant Church
Robert P. Ericksen

Chapter 8. Catholic Resistance to Biological and Racist 
Eugenics in the Third Reich
Donald Dietrich

Chapter 9. Social Unrest and the Response of the Nazi Regime,
Ian Kershaw

Chapter 10. Peasants and Workers in their Environment: 
Nonconformity and Opposition to National
 Socialism in the Austrian Alps
Ernst Hanisch

Chapter 11. Social Democratic Resistance Against Hitler and the 
European Tradition of Underground Movements
William Sheridan Allen

Chapter 12. Dutch Contacts with the Resistance in Germany
Ger van Roon

Chapter 13. The National-Conservatives and Opposition to the
 Third Reich before the Second World War
Leonidas E. Hill

Chapter 14. Between England and Germany: Adam von Trott's
 Contacts with the British
Henry O. Malone

Chapter 15. Waiting for Action: The Debate on the 'Other 
Germany' in Great Britain and the Reaction of the
 Foreign Office to German 'Peace-feelers', 1942
Rainer A. Blasius

Chapter 16. German Soldiers in the 1938 Munich Crisis
Harold C. Deutsch

Chapter 17. Individual Loyalty and Resistance in the German Military: The Case of Sub-Lieutenant Oskar Kusch
Heinrich Walle

Chapter 18. 'Resistance' to 'No Surrender': Popular Disobedience in Wurttemberg in 1945
Jill Stephenson

Chapter 19. The Uses of Remembrance: The Legacy of the
 Communist Resistance in the German Democratic
Eve Rosenhaft

Chapter 20. Conclusion: How Far Could the German Resistance 
Have Changed the Course of History?
Michael Balfour

Selected Works since 1990

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