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Democracy in Modern Europe: A Conceptual History

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Volume 5

European Conceptual History

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Democracy in Modern Europe

A Conceptual History

Edited by Jussi Kurunmäki, Jeppe Nevers, and Henk te Velde

318 pages, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78533-847-2 $135.00/£99.00 Hb Published (June 2018)

eISBN 978-1-78533-848-9 eBook

Hb   Buy the eBook! $34.95 Request a Review or Examination Copy (in Digital Format) Recommend to your Library Available in GOBI®


As one of the most influential ideas in modern European history, democracy has fundamentally reshaped not only the landscape of governance, but also social and political thought throughout the world. Democracy in Modern Europe surveys the conceptual history of democracy in modern Europe, from the Industrial Revolutions of the nineteenth century through both world wars and the rise of welfare states to the present era of the European Union. Exploring individual countries as well as regional dynamics, this volume comprises a tightly organized, comprehensive, and thoroughly up-to-date exploration of a foundational issue in European political and intellectual history.

Jussi Kurunmäki is Associate Professor of Political Science at Södertörn University and the University of Helsinki. He was previously a Research Fellow and Lecturer at the Department of Political Science at Stockholm University.

Jeppe Nevers is Professor of History at University of Southern Denmark.

Henk te Velde has been Full Professor of Dutch History at Leiden University since 2005. He was previously Full Professor of the History of Political Culture at University of Groningen.

Subject: 18th/19th Century History 20th Century History
Area: Europe


Jussi Kurunmäki, Jeppe Nevers and Henk te Velde

Chapter 1. ‘Democracy’ from Book to Life: The Emergence of the Term in Active Political Debate, to 1848
Joanna Innes and Mark Philp

Chapter 2. Democracy and the Strange Death of Mixed Government in the Nineteenth Century: Great Britain, France and the Netherlands
Henk te Velde

Chapter 3. Another ‘Sonderweg’? The Historical Semantics of ‘Democracy’ in Germany
Jörn Leonhard

Chapter 4. Birthplaces of Democracy: The Rhetoric of Democratic Tradition in Switzerland and Sweden
Jussi Kurunmäki and Irène Herrmann

Chapter 5. Concepts of Democracy from a Russian Perspective: Debates in the Late Imperial Period (1905–17)
Benjamin Beuerle

Chapter 6. A Conceptual History of Democracy in Spain since 1800
Javier Fernández-Sebastián and José María Rosales

Chapter 7. The First World War, the Russian Revolution and Varieties of Democracy in Northwest European Debates
Pasi Ihalainen

Chapter 8. The Edges of Democracy: German, British and American Debates on the Dictatorial Challenges to Democracy in the Interwar Years
Marcus Llanque

Chapter 9. A Nation Allied with History: Czech Ideas of Democracy, 1890–1948
Peter Bugge

Chapter 10. Democracy in Western Europe after 1945
Martin Conway

Chapter 11. Political Participation and Democratization in the 1960s: The Concept of Participatory Democracy and its Repercussions
Ingrid Gilcher-Holtey

Chapter 12. Democracy and European Integration: A Transnational History of the Danish Debate
Jeppe Nevers


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