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Remaking the Human: Cosmetic Technologies of Body Repair, Reshaping, and Replacement

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Volume 2

Politics of Repair

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Remaking the Human

Cosmetic Technologies of Body Repair, Reshaping, and Replacement

Edited by Alvaro Jarrín and Chiara Pussetti
Afterword by Lenore Manderson

296 pages, 20 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-031-1 $130.00/£97.00 Hb Not Yet Published (April 2021)

eISBN 978-1-80073-032-8 eBook Not Yet Published

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“This is a brilliant collection of essays about recent trends on body modifications and bodily performances… this is a great example of how anthropology can move on, addressing new issues while keeping grounded on the overarching questions of free-will and social determinations, resources and inequalities.” • Cristiana Bastos, University of Lisbon

“The book presents a timely and serious interdisciplinary analysis of contemporary body modification practices located in diverse cultural contexts. A range of topics/practices are covered and the importance of an intersectional frame is emphasized throughout. It constitutes an original contribution to a field dominated by health-focused and psychological accounts.” • Brendan Gough, Leeds Beckett University


The technological capacity to transform biology - repairing, reshaping and replacing body parts, chemicals and functions – is now part of our lives. Humanity is confronted with a variety of affordable and non-invasive 'enhancement technologies': anti-ageing medicine, aesthetic surgery, cognitive and sexual enhancers, lifestyle drugs, prosthetics and hormone supplements. This collection focuses on why people find these practices so seductive and provides ethnographic insights into people’s motives and aspirations as they embrace or reject enhancement technologies, which are closely entangled with negotiations over gender, class, age, nationality and ethnicity.

Alvaro Jarrín is Associate Professor of Anthropology at College of the Holy Cross. He is the author of The Biopolitics of Beauty: Cosmetic Citizenship and Affective Capital in Brazil (University of California Press, 2017).

Chiara Pussetti is Auxiliar Researcher at Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon. She has researched and published extensively on the subjects of migration, healthcare, gender, body and emotions, social inequality, suffering and well-being in urban contexts.

Subject: Medical Anthropology


List of Figures

Introduction: The Uncanny Aesthetics of Repairing, Reshaping, and Replacing Human Bodies
Alvaro Jarrín and.Chiara Pussetti


Chapter 1. Ideologies of Repair in Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and “Men’s Health” Medicine
Emily Wentzell

Chapter 2. Repairing Sexual Ageing: Italian GPs’ Discourses in the Viagra Era
Raffaella Ferrero Camoletto

Chapter 3. Repairing the Body and Improving the Nation: Corrective Plastic Surgeries for Protruding Ears in Brazil
Marcelle Schimitt

Chapter 4. The Itinerant Beauty Brigade: Repairing Social Fractures Through the “Apapacho Estético”
Eva Carpigo


Chapter 5. Shaping the European Body: The Cosmetic Construction of Whiteness
Chiara Pussetti

Chapter 6. Reshaping Masculinities and the Beauty Industry in Colombia
Alejandro Arango-Londoño

Chapter 7. Reshaping and Hacking Gendered Bodies: Gay Bears and Pro-Independence Catalan Militants
Begonya Enguix Grau

Chapter 8. Remaking (Post)human Bodies in the Anthropocene: Bioart Practices
Christine Beaudoin


Chapter 9. Can You See the Real Me? Cyborg, Supercrip or Simply a Lover of Sport
P. David Howe and Carla Filomena Silva

Chapter 10. Unfixing Blindness: Retinal Implants and Negotiations of Ability in Postsocialist Russia
Svetlana Borodina

Chapter 11. Learning Through Apps: The Replacement of Offline Cis-female Bodies with Digital Pregnancies and Menstruations
Daniela Tonelli Manica, Marina Fisher Nucci and Gabriela Cabral Paletta

Chapter 12. Remaking Desires and Femininities: Testosterone “Replacement” for Treating Women’s Sexuality in Brazil
Fabíola Rohden

Afterword: Beyond the Flesh
Lenore Manderson


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