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Experiencing Archaeology: A Laboratory Manual of Classroom Activities, Demonstrations, and Minilabs for Introductory Archaeology

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Experiencing Archaeology

A Laboratory Manual of Classroom Activities, Demonstrations, and Minilabs for Introductory Archaeology

Lara Homsey-Messer, Tracy Michaud, Angela Lockard Reed, and Victoria Bobo

368 pages, 114 illus., bibliog., index, lab manual - student edition, with perforated pages

ISBN  978-1-78920-349-3 $69.95/£55.95 Pb Published (October 2019)

Pb   Request a Review or Examination Copy (in Digital Format) Recommend to your Library Available in GOBI®

There is an instructor version available to accompany the student edition


Today, many general-education archaeology courses are large, lecture-style class formats that present a challenge to providing students, particularly non-majors, with opportunities to learn experientially. This laboratory-style manual compiles a wide variety of uniquely designed, hands-on classroom activities to acquaint advanced high school and introductory college students to the field of archaeology. Ranging in length from five to thirty minutes, activities created by archaeologists are designed to break up traditional classroom lectures, engage students of all learning styles, and easily integrate into large classes and/or short class periods that do not easily accommodate traditional laboratory work.

Lara Homsey-Messer is Associate Professor of Anthropology and Graduate Coordinator of Applied Archaeology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Her teaching philosophy and experience centers on service learning and public education. She currently serves on the Public Education Committee of the Society for American Archaeology and the editorial board of Archaeology magazine.

Tracy S. Michaud is Assistant Professor and Chair of the Tourism & Hospitality program at the University of Southern Maine. Her classes and research focus on anthropologically-based community arts, culture, and tourism development. The Tourism and Hospitality Program at USM, under her leadership, recently received the Visit Portland’s Leadership in Education Award.

Angela Lockard Reed is a part-time professor in the Anthropology Department at Grand Valley State University.  In addition to teaching at the university she enjoys teaching archaeology in public school programs.  She details a partnership she led between a public school and GVSU students in the article “Archaeology, Service-Learning, and Public Education” published in Interdisciplinary Humanities in 2012.

Victoria Bobo is the Associate Dean for Instructional Operations at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, Colorado.  Ms. Bobo is an educator and higher education administrator who has served as the Online Operations Administrator and Director of General Education and Operations for Denver College of Nursing, Degree Program Manager at Cambridge College, adjunct faculty at Community College of Aurora and De Anza Community College, and instructor for Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth.

Instructor Edition
Subject: Archaeology


List of Figures and Tables


Module 1: Frameworks for Exploring Anthropological Archaeology
Chapter 1. The Scientific Method (TSM) Cube
Chapter 2. Cultural Bingo
Chapter 3. Eclectic Challenge
Chapter 4. A Symbol Worth a Thousand Words
Chapter 5. Candle Symbolism

Module 2: Attributing Meaning to Artifacts and Formation of the Archaeological Record
Chapter 6. Archaeological Chaos
Chapter 7. Name That Thingamajig
Chapter 8. Button Classification
Chapter 9. The (Site) Matrix
Chapter 10. Body Mapping

Module 3: Frameworks for Measuring Time
Chapter 11. Human Stratigraphy
Chapter 12. Time Lines
Chapter 13. Childhood Battleship Curves
Chapter 14. Stirrup Bottle Seriation
Chapter 15. Tree-Ring Matching
Chapter 16. “Smarties” Metric Dating

Module 4: Exploring Archaeological Specialties
Chapter 17. Flaky Archaeology: Lithic Analysis
Chapter 18. Pots and People: Ceramic Analysis
Chapter 19. What’s for Dinner? Faunal Analysis
Chapter 20. What’s for Dinner? Botanical Analysis
Chapter 21. “Bone”-afide Archaeology: Mortuary Analysis

Module 5: Interpretation and Explanation in Archaeology
Chapter 22. Campus Garbology: Processual Archaeology
Chapter 23. Bringing Home the Bacon: Post-processual Archaeology
Chapter 24. Lend Me Your Hand: Post-processual Archaeology
Chapter 25. Optimally Foraged Money: Behavioral Ecology
Chapter 26. Tree of Life: Human Ecology
Chapter 27. Can You Spare a Penny? Economic Anthropology
Chapter 28. Can You Dough It? Linguistic Anthropology

Module 6: Archaeological Ethics and Stewardship
Chapter 29. Draw an Archaeologist Test
Chapter 30. Archaeopolitics: Who Owns the Past?
Chapter 31. Common Ground: Glacial Archaeology, Ethics, and Climate Change
Chapter 32. To List or Not to List…?
Chapter 33. The Ethical Archaeologist


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