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In-Betweenness in Greater Khartoum: Spaces, Temporalities, and Identities from Separation to Revolution

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Volume 20

Space and Place

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In-Betweenness in Greater Khartoum

Spaces, Temporalities, and Identities from Separation to Revolution

Edited by Alice Franck, Barbara Casciarri, and Idris Salim El-Hassan

374 pages, 9 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-058-8 $155.00/£117.00 Hb Not Yet Published (April 2021)

eISBN 978-1-80073-059-5 eBook Not Yet Published

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Focusing on Greater Khartoum following South Sudanese independence in 2011, In-Betweenness in Greater Khartoum explores the impact on society of major political events in areas that are neither urban nor rural, public nor private. This volume uses these in-between spaces as a lens to analyze how these events, in combination with other processes, such as globalization and economic neo-liberalization, impact communities across the region. Drawing on original fieldwork and empirical data, the authors uncover the reshaping of new categories of people that reinforce old dichotomies and in doing so underscore a common Sudanese identity.

Alice Franck is Associate Professor of Geography at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University, and she was the coordinator of the CEDEJ-Khartoum from 2013 to 2016. She has been published in journals including Egypte Monde Arabe and Anthropology of the Middle East.

Barbara Casciarri is Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University Paris 8. She was coordinator of the CEDEJ in Khartoum between 2006 and 2009. In addition to editing two special issues of Nomadic Peoples, she co-edited the collected volumes Multidimensional Change in Sudan 1989-2011 (Berghahn Books, 2015) and Anthropology of Law in Muslim Sudan (Brill, 2018).

Idris El-Hassan is Professor of Social Anthroplogy. He is the author of several books including Religion in Society: Nemeiri and the Turuq (1993), Sudanese Perspectives in Science, Knowledge and Culture (2003), and Cultural Forms among IDPs in Khartoum (2014). He has published many articles on research methodology, gender, education, conflict, culture and religion in various journals and edited collections, and he has served as a senior researcher in academic research collaborations with Christian Michelson Institute, Bergen University and CEDEJ.

Subject: Urban Studies Peace and Conflict Studies
Area: Africa


List of illustration
Notes on Transliteration

Prologue: Identity [Original text in Arabic translated in English]
Stella Gaitano, translated by Azza Ahmed Abdel Aziz

Introduction: Greater Khartoum through the Prism of In-Betweenness
Alice Franck and Barbara Casciarri

Part 1: In-Betweenness as a Spatial Dimension

Chapter 1. The Expansion of Greater Khartoum and the Incorporation of Agricultural and Pastoral Production Areas: Creating In-Betweenness, Disrupting Territories
Alice Franck and Barbara Casciarri

Chapter 2. Governing In-Betweenness: Exploring the Institutional Village Organisation Set-Up in Rural Khartoum
Salma Mohamed Abdalmunim Abdalla

Chapter 3. Young People’s Strategies and Educational Processes: A Case Study from Al-Fath Transitional Zone in Greater Khartoum
Hind Mahmud Yousif

Chapter 4. Disruption Political Order, Creating New Spaces of Contestation
Clément Deshayes

Part II: In-Betweenness as a Temporal Dimension

Chapter 5. Urban Violence in Khartoum on August 2005 as a Watershed Event
Idris Salim El-Hassan

Chapter 6. Time to Sell Land: The Second Urban Marginalization of Southerner in Greater Khartoum – The Case of Mussalass Neighborhood
Alice Franck

Chapter 7. Constructions of Sudanese Nationhood: Singularities and Moments from the Experiences of Southern/South Sudanese
Azza Ahmed Abdel Aziz

Part III: In-Betweenness as a Belonging Dimension

Chapter 8. Translocal Citizenship of the Margins: Nuer Negotiations of Belonging in Khartoum
Katarzyna Grabska

Chapter 9. ‘Community’ Citizenship as a Liminal Space for Southern Sudanese Communities in Khartoum
Mohamed A.G. Bakhit

Chapter 10. Marriage Strategies and Kinship Representations: A Space for Socio-Cultural In-Betweenness within the ‘Political Economy’ of Identities
Barbara Casciarri

Chapter 11. Shifting Notions of Endogamy and Exogamy: Religion, Social Class and Race in Marriage Strategies and Practices in the Urban Upper-Middle Class Neighbourhood of Al-Amarat, Khartou
Peter Miller

Epilogue: Negotiations of Multiple Identities and the Polemics of Living In-betweenness: In Conversation with Stella Gaitano
Azza Ahmed Abdel Aziz and Katarzyna Grabska


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