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Globalization: Some Critical Issues

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Volume 2

Critical Interventions: A Forum for Social Analysis

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Some Critical Issues

Edited by Allen Chun

126 pages, Pocket size: 4.25” x 7”

ISBN  978-1-84545-001-4 $14.95/£11.95 Pb Published (July 2004)

eISBN 978-1-78920-377-6 eBook

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The effects of globalization have led to accentuated social inequality in most first-world countries, above all the U.S. and U.K. International trade and capital flows have tended to redistribute income in ways that aggravate inequality in advanced industrialized nations where relative income levels of the salaried middle class and the working class are being eroded, resulting in a downward mobility of these classes. At the same time, unwaged forms of labor, including forced labor and slavery, in poorer regions more and more replace wage labor in developed countries. Informed by an anthropological, humanistic perspective, the contributors in this provocative volume offer critical analyses and alternative visions.

Subject: Theory and Methodology
Area: North America Europe


Chapter 1. Civil Antiglobalism and the Question of Class
William H. Thornton

Chapter 2. Re-Theorizing Social Movements in a Changing Global Space
Chuang Ya-chung

Chapter 3. Mind the Gap on Post-National Idea(l)s and the Nationalist Reality
Wang Horng-luen

Chapter 4. Postcolonial Discourse in the Age of Globalization thousands of languages, or give rise to new forms of racism or “genism.”
Chu Yiu Wai

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