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Beyond 1989: Re-reading German literature since 1945

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Volume 3

Modern German Studies

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Beyond 1989

Re-reading German literature since 1945

Edited by K. Bullivant

192 pages, bibliog.

ISBN  978-1-57181-037-3 $135.00/£99.00 Hb Published (September 1997)

ISBN  978-1-57181-038-0 $27.95/£22.95 Pb Published (September 1997)

eISBN 978-1-78533-009-4 eBook

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"This volume makes abundantly clear the fact that the cultural unification of Germany [...] is as arduous and painful as the political/economic merger ... An excellent collection, well-conceived and highly informative."  · Choice


With the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, four decades of separation seemed to have been brought to an end. In the literary arena as in many others, this seemed to be the surprising but ultimately logical end to the situation in which, after the extreme separation of the two Germanies' literatures during most of the period up to 1980, an increasing closeness could be observed during the 1980s, as relations between the two German states normalized. With the opening up of the East in the Autumn of 1989 claims were being made, on the one hand, that German literature had never, in fact, been divided, while others were proclaiming the end of East and West German literatures as they had existed, and the beginning of a new era. This volume examines these claims and other aspects of literary life in the two Germanies since 1945, with the hindsight born of unification in 1990, as well as looking at certain aspects of developments since the fall of the Wall, when, as on East German put it in 1996, rapprochement came to an end.

K. Bullivant is Professor in the Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages andLiteratures at the University of Florida.

Subject: Postwar History
Area: Germany Central/Eastern Europe



Chapter 1. Confronting the Nazi Past
J. E. Michaels

Chapter 2. A Farewell to the Letters of the Federal Republic? Frank Schirrmacher's Postwall Assessment of Postwar German Literature
S. Mews

Chapter 3. Texts and Contexts: GDR Literature during the 1970s
C.A. Costabile-Heming

Chapter 4. Literature and Convergence: the Early 1980s
S. Brockmann

Chapter 5. Critical Interventions: German Women's Writing after 1945
B. Kosta and H. Kraft

Chapter 6. "Thou Bleeding Piece of Earth": the Affinity of Aesthetics and Ethics in Erich Fried's Poems
W. Paper

Chapter 7. A Revival of Conservative Literature? The "Spiegel-Symposium 1993" and Beyond
J. J. Rosellini

Chapter 8. Re/Fusing Past and Present: Cinematic Reunification under the Sign of Nationalism and Racism
N. M. Alter

Chapter 9. What Should Remain? Exploring the Literary Contributions to Postwar German History
F. Trommler

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