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Atlantic Perspectives: Places, Spirits and Heritage

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Atlantic Perspectives

Places, Spirits and Heritage

Edited by Markus Balkenhol, Ruy Llera Blanes, and Ramon Sarró

288 pages, 41 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78920-483-4 $135.00/£99.00 Hb Published (November 2019)

eISBN 978-1-78920-484-1 eBook

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“Offers very timely ethnographic explorations of contemporary configurations of the black Atlantic and its endless possibilities, reinventions, rerouting and rerooting… It should be of immense value for graduate students and established scholars in a variety of fields in the humanities and social sciences.” • Jean Muteba Rahier, Florida International University


Focusing on mobility, religion, and belonging, the volume contributes to transatlantic anthropology and history by bringing together religion, cultural heritage and placemaking in the Atlantic world. The entanglements of these domains are ethnographically scrutinized to perceive the connections and disconnections of specific places which, despite a common history, are today very different in terms of secular regimes and the presence of religion in the public sphere. Ideally suited to a variety of scholars and students in different fields, Atlantic Perspectives will lead to new debates and conversations throughout the fields of anthropology, religion and history.

Markus Balkenhol is an anthropologist at the Meertens Institute (Amsterdam) who has done fieldwork in Suriname and the Netherlands. He works on issues of colonialism, race, citizenship, cultural heritage, and religion. He has published articles in Social Anthropology/Anthropologie Sociale, African Diaspora, and Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, and is co-editor of the forthcoming book The Secular Sacred. Emotions of Belonging and the Perils of Nation and Religion in Western Europe.

Ruy Llera Blanes is a Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology at the School of Global Studies of the University of Gothenburg. His current research site is Angola, where he is working on the topics of religion, mobility, politics, temporalities, and knowledge. His publications include A Prophetic Trajectory. Ideologies of Place, Time and Belonging in an Angolan Religious Movement (2014) and the volume The Social Life of Spirits (2013, edited with Diana Espírito Santo). He is also co-editor of the journal Advances in Research: Religion and Society.

Ramon Sarró is an Associate Professor at the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, University of Oxford. He has conducted fieldwork in Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola and Portugal on prophetic movements and their legacies. He has published many articles and is the author of the monograph The Politics of Religious Change on the Upper Guinea Coast: Iconoclasm Done and Undone (2009).

Subject: Religion General Anthropology


List of Figures

Introduction: Ethnographic Perspectives on the Atlantic
Markus Balkenhol, Ruy Llera Blanes, and Ramon Sarró

Chapter 1. Silent Histories: Deadly Chinos and the Memorialization of a Chinese Imaginary through Afro-Cuban Religions
Diana Espíríto Santo

Chapter 2. Of Revelation and Re-Creation: Christian Miracles and African Traditions in the Atlantic
Roger Sansi

Chapter 3. Peruvian Israelites: Territorial Narratives and Religious Connections across the Atlantic
Carmen González Hacha

Chapter 4. Defending What’s Ours: Asserting Land Rights through Popular Catholicism in a Brazilian Quilombo
Katerina Chatzikidi

Chapter 5. Emergent Atlantics: Black Evangelicals’ Quest for a New Moral Geography in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Bruno Reinhardt

Chapter 6. The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in Portugal: Avoiding Stigmas and Building Bridges
Claudia Swatowiski

Chapter 7. Our Lady of Fátima in Brazil, Iemanjá in Portugal: Afro-Brazilian Religions across the Atlantic
Clara Saraiva

Chapter 8. Eight Movements and a Coda on the Baroque Atlantic
Mattijs van de Port

Chapter 9. The Spirit(s) of New Orleans: Community Healing through Commemoration
Roos Dorsman

Chapter 10. Imaging the African Diaspora: Cultural Heritage, Religion, and Belonging in the Netherlands
Markus Balkenhol

Chapter 11. Places of No History in Angola
Ruy Llera Blanes

Chapter 12. Slavery Histories from the Hinterland: Making Indigenous Heritage Landscapes in Western Burkina Faso
Laurence Douny

Chapter 13. A Prophetic Enclave: Religious Heritage and Environmental History in Northern Angola
Ramon Sarró and Marina Temudo

Conclusion: From the Atlantic Point of View: Some Concluding Thoughts
Ramon Sarró


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