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The Sound of Silence: Indigenous Perspectives on the Historical Archaeology of Colonialism

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The Sound of Silence

Indigenous Perspectives on the Historical Archaeology of Colonialism

Edited by Tiina Äikäs and Anna-Kaisa Salmi
Afterword by Alistair Paterson and Shino Konishi

236 pages, 35 illus., blbliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78920-329-5 $135.00/£99.00 Hb Published (September 2019)

eISBN 978-1-78920-330-1 eBook

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Colonial encounters between indigenous peoples and European state powers are overarching themes in the historical archaeology of the modern era, and postcolonial historical archaeology has repeatedly emphasized the complex two-way nature of colonial encounters. This volume examines common trajectories in indigenous colonial histories, and explores new ways to understand cultural contact, hybridization and power relations between indigenous peoples and colonial powers from the indigenous point of view. By bringing together a wide geographical range and combining multiple sources such as oral histories, historical records, and contemporary discourses with archaeological data, the volume finds new multivocal interpretations of colonial histories.

Tiina Äikäs is a post-doctoral researcher at Archaeology, University of Oulu, Finland, and Docent in Archaeology, University of Helsinki, Finland. She specializes in Sámi archaeology, with a special interest in Sámi sacred places and their use from the Iron Age to contemporary times. She has also published on contemporary meanings and uses of heritage and on post-colonial archaeology in several international journals.

Anna-Kaisa Salmi is a post-doctoral researcher in Archaeology, University of Oulu, Finland, and an Academy Research Fellow of the Academy of Finland. She has published widely on post-Medieval zooarchaeology, the archaeology of the Sámi animal-offering tradition and human-reindeer relationships. Her research has focused on foodways, human-animal and human-environmental relationships in the north and reindeer domestication.

Subject: Archaeology General Cultural Studies


List of illustrations

Chapter 1. Introduction: In Search of Indigenous Voices in the Historical Archaeology of Colonial Encounters
Tiina Äikäs and Anna-Kaisa Salmi

Chapter 2. The Sounds of Colonization: An Examination of Bells at Point Pearce Aboriginal Mission Station/Burgiyana, South Australia
Madeline Fowler, Amy Roberts, and Lester-Irabinna Rigney

Chapter 3. Colonization, Sámi Sacred Sites and Religious Syncretism, c. AD 500–1800
Inga-Maria Mulk and Tim Bayliss-Smith

Chapter 4. Seeking the Indigenous Perspective: Colonial Interactions at Fort Saint Pierre, French Colonial Louisiane (1719–29)
LisaMarie Malischke

Chapter 5. Clockwork Porridge: An Archaeological Analysis of Everyday Life in the Early Mining Communities of Swedish Lapland in the Seventeenth Century
Risto Nurmi

Chapter 6. “Not on Bread but on Fish and By Hunting”: Food Culture in Early Modern Sápmi
Ritva Kylli, Anna-Kaisa Salmi, Tiina Äikäs and Sirpa Aalto

Chapter 7. Landscapes of Resilience at the Cut Bank Boarding School, Montana
William A. White and Brandi E. Bethke

Chapter 8. Conflicts in Memory and Heritage: Dakota Perspectives on Historic Fort Snelling, Minnesota
Katherine Hayes

Chapter 9. Discussion: Colonialism Past and Present: Archaeological Engagements and Entanglements
Carl-Gösta Ojala

Chapter 10. Perspectives on Indigenous Voices and Historical Archaeology
Alistair Paterson and Shino Konishi

Alistair Paterson and Shino Konishi


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