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World Water Day

World Water Day is an annual event celebrated on March 22. The day focuses attention on the importance of freshwater and advocates for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. For an opportunity to learn more about water related issues and how to take action to make a difference please visit
In recognition of this year’s World Water Day, Berghahn Books is happy to offer 25% discount on all relevant titles. Visit our webpage and enter code Water19 at checkout. Offer valid through April 22, 2019.

We’re also delighted to offer FREE access to the following articles from Nature and Culture until March 31st, 2019:

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New Horizons for Sustainable Architecture: Hydrological Design for the Ecologically Responsive City
Building “Natural” Beauty: Drought and the Shifting Aesthetics of Nature in Santa Barbara, California
Water, Water Everywhere (or, Seeing Is Believing): The Visibility of Water Supply and the Public Will for Conservation
Sediment and State in Imperial China: The Yellow River Watershed as an Earth System and a World System
Dam Close Water Resources and Productions of Harmony in Central Japan
Perceptions of Water Quality in First Nations Communities: Exploring the Role of Context


Available in Paperback

Anthropology in Fluid Environments
Edited by Kirsten Hastrup and Frida Hastrup

Volume 3, Ethnography, Theory, Experiment

“This collection is a rich quarry of manifold explorations of malleable, multiple, and vital waters in social and cultural life, which are always simultaneously a matter of concern for various political actions, and expressive of their own agentive capacities. Despite – or perhaps because of – the multiplicity of waters and approaches, it can be regarded as an asset to have these contributions combined in one book.” · Anthropos

Read Introduction: Waterworlds at Large

Available in Paperback

Edited by John Richard Wagner

Relying on first-hand ethnographic research, the contributors to this volume examine the social life of water in diverse settings and explore the impacts of commodification, urbanization, and technology on the availability and quality of water supplies. Each case study speaks to a local set of issues, but the overall perspective is global, with representation from all continents.

Water, Life, and Profit: Fluid Economies and Cultures of Niamey, NigerForthcoming in September 2019

Fluid Economies and Cultures of Niamey, Niger
Sara Beth Keough and Scott M. Youngstedt

Water, Life, and Profit offers a holistic analysis of the people, economies, cultural symbolism, and material culture involved in the management, production, distribution, and consumption of drinking water in the urban context of Niamey, Niger.

Available in Paperback

Agency, Identity and the Ownership of Water
Veronica Strang

“An interesting example of how to use the technique of ethnographic juxtaposition to highlight multiplicity… The experimental and evocative style… would make this book especially useful for undergraduate teaching, for courses on the comparative study of water, and for the examination of Australian history and politics”. · American Anthropologist

A Melanesian Island Ethnography
Katharina Schneider

“The evocative description and level of scholarship make Schneider’s work a fine example of current ethnography which also provides valuable detail about how ethnographers do their work. This is a highly readable book for those with an interest in the region, a fascination with relatedness, and for anthropologists interested in accessing a written account of how useful ethnographic material might be collected.” · JRAI


United Nations/WWAP
Foreword by Kofi Annan
Prologue by Ko’chiro Matsuura
Preface by Gordon Young

Drawing on an extensive database, expert analysis, case studies, and hundreds of graphic elements, it is the most comprehensive undertaking to date of freshwater assessment, providing a mechanism for monitoring changes in the resource and its management and progress towards achieving development targets, particularly the Millennium Development Goals.

Available in Paperback

Published in association with the United Nations
With a foreword by Kofi A. Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations

Based on the collective inputs of 23 United Nations agencies and convention secretariats, this Report offers a global overview of the state of the world’s freshwater resources. It is part of an on-going assessment process to develop policies and help with their implementation as well as to measure any progress towards achieving sustainable use of water resources.

Of relevant interest: 

At Home on the Waves: Human Habitation of the Sea from the Mesolithic to TodayAT HOME ON THE WAVES
Human Habitation of the Sea from the Mesolithic to Today
Edited by Tanya J. King and Gary Robinson

Volume 24, Environmental Anthropology and Ethnobiology

This collection explores the variety of ways in which people have long made themselves at home at sea, and continue to live intimately with it. In doing so, it brings together both ethnographic and archaeological research – much of it with an explicit Ingoldian approach – on a wide range of geographical areas and historical periods.

Read Introduction: At Sea in the Twenty-First Century

Recovery in the Wake of the Tsunami in a Tamil Fishing Village
Frida Hastrup

Volume 16, Environmental Anthropology and Ethnobiology

The Asian tsunami in December 2004 severely affected people in coastal regions all around the Indian Ocean. This book provides the first in-depth ethnography of the disaster and its effects on a fishing village in Tamil Nadu, India

A History of the Volga and Mississippi Rivers
Dorothy Zeisler-Vralsted

Volume 5, Environment in History: International Perspectives

“The book will serve as a wellspring for more specific comparisons and as a methodological example for future scholarship.” · Choice

JOURNALS Of Related Interest

Regions and Cohesion

Regions and Cohesion is a needed platform for academics and practitioners alike to disseminate both empirical research and normative analysis of topics related to human and environmental security, social cohesion, and governance. It covers themes, such as the management of strategic resources, environment and society, social risk and marginalization, disasters and policy responses, violence, war and urban security, the quality of democracy, development, public health, immigration, human rights, organized crime, and cross-border human security.

Environment and Society
Advances in Research

Environment and Society publishes critical reviews of the latest research literature on environmental studies, including subjects of theoretical, methodological, substantive, and applied significance. Articles also survey the literature regionally and thematically and reflect the work of anthropologists, geographers, environmental scientists, and human ecologists from all parts of the world in order to internationalize the conversations within environmental anthropology, environmental geography, and other environmentally oriented social sciences.


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