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Celebrating World Food Day

World Food Day is celebrated each year on 16 October to promote worldwide awareness and action for those who suffer from hunger and for the need to ensure food security and nutritious diets for all.

To mark this milestone, we are delighted to feature a selection of related titles in Food and Nutrition.

Research Methods for Anthropological Studies of Food and Nutrition

Volumes 1–3
Edited by Janet Chrzan and John A. Brett

Published in association with the Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (SAFN) and in collaboration with Rachel Black and Leslie Carlin.

These volumes offer a comprehensive reference for students and established scholars interested in food and nutrition research in Nutritional and Biological Anthropology, Archaeology, Socio-Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology, Food Studies and Applied Public Health.

Nutritional Anthropology and Archaeological Methods

“All chapters are brief and very well focused, outlining the methods and current issues with each specific approach to data collection…This book set will be an excellent guide for all food scholars.” • Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

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Anthropology, Linguistics and Food Studies

“In sum, Food Culture is a useful resource text, especially for teaching. Each chapter is well written and organised in a way that is easy for the reader to access; they give robust and clear overviews of methodological approaches, contextualise these theoretically, and provide examples and case studies of how they can be used…” • Anthropos

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Nutrition, Technology, and Public Health

This volume provides in-depth analysis and comprehensive review of methods necessary to design, plan, implement and analyze public health programming related to food and nutrition using anthropological best practices.

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Edited by Lieba Faier and Michael J. Hathaway

The matsutake mushroom continues to be a highly sought delicacy, especially in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisine. Matsutake Worlds explores this mushroom through the lens of multi-species encounters centered around the matsutake’s notorious elusiveness.

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A Theory of Cooking as Risk, with Greek Examples
David E. Sutton

Richly illustrated with examples from the author’s anthropology fieldwork in Greece, Bigger Fish to Fry proposes a new approach to the meaning of cooking and how the study of cooking can reshape our understanding of social processes more generally.

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Food Production, Health, and the Environment
Edited by Angela N. H. Creager and Jean-Paul Gaudillière

From the proliferation of synthetic additives to the threat posed by antibiotic-resistant bacteria, the chapters in Risk on the Table zero in on key historical cases in North America and Europe that illuminate the history of food safety, highlighting the powerful tensions that exists among scientific understandings of risk, policymakers’ decisions, and cultural notions of “pure” food.

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Food, Nutrition, and Culture Series

Published by Berghahn Books in Association with the Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (SAFN).

The books in this series present timely food-related scholarship intended for researchers, academics, students, and those involved in food policy.

Volume 7
Foodways and Humanity in an African Town
Arianna Huhn

Embedded within central themes in the study of Africa south of the Sahara, the volume combines insights from philosophy and food studies to find textured layers of meaning in a seemingly simple cuisine.

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Volume 6 Forthcoming in Paperback!
Negotiating Infant Feeding
Penny Van Esterik and Richard A. O’Connor

The Dance of Nurture integrates ethnography, biology and the political economy of infant feeding into a holistic framework guided by the metaphor of dance. It includes a critique of efforts to improve infant feeding practices globally by UN agencies and advocacy groups concerned with solving global nutrition and health problems.

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Environment, Society, and Food (Vol. 2)

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Food and Cooking in the Middle East and North Africa (Vol. 15, Issue 2)

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