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Tag Archives: anthropology in action

Visions of The Other: Swiss & Malagasy See, But Do They Understand?

Where do Switzerland and Madagascar meet, and what do the people of each place think of those in the other? Eva Keller, in her recently published Beyond the Lens of Conservation: Malagasy and Swiss Imaginations of One Another, in seeking to connect these two places winds up highlighting the disconnect between them. Following, the author […]

‘Healing Roots’: Author Traces Life of Wild Plant from Farm to Pharm

The healing powers of a plant in sub-Saharan Africa, long used for indigenous medicine, are now being harnessed as a pharmaceutical to be more widely produced and sold. Author Julie Laplante follows this path of production of Artemesia Afra from a wild-growing bush to a processed, controlled substance in her soon-to-be-published monograph, Healing Roots: Anthropology […]

Awards, Authors, Anthropology: AAA 2014 Conference Recap

This year’s American Anthropological Association conference in Washington, D.C. was quite a success for Berghahn Books.   The conference started Wednesday, December 3, with an awards ceremony, at which our publisher Marion Berghahn earned the AAA Executive Director’s Award.  

Dilemma after Dark: Balancing Sleep and Breastfeeding

In her newly published book, author Cecília Tomori explores a major challenge for new parents, the nighttime balance of sleep and breastfeeding. Nighttime Breastfeeding: An American Cultural Dilemma, published in October, is the result of her long-term ethnographic study alongside new parents and how they cope with the pressures of parenthood. Following, the author gives insight […]

How the Whole Can Be Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

The below is a special guest post written by Benedicte Carlsen, contributor to Anthropology in Action, Volume 21 (Issue 2), and co-author of ‘Qualitative Research Synthesis: How the Whole Can Be Greater than the Sum of Its Parts.’

Reframing Shock to Provide Space for New Solutions and Practices to Emerge

This post was submitted by Mark Powell, who–along with Stephanie Glendinning, Vanesa Castán Broto, Emma Dewberry, and Claire Walsh–contributed the article Shaped by Shock: Staff on the Emergency Department ‘Shop Floor’ to the most recent issue of Anthropology in Action. In this post, Powell discusses some of the challenges and rewards of researching this topic.       

Cultivating Communication between Cultures

Later this month, Sonya Pritzker’s monograph Living Translation: Language and the Search for Resonance in U.S. Chinese Medicine will be published. Within this volume, Pritzker explains that translation is not a static exercise, but is instead a variable and experiential undertaking. Following, the author shares how she became enamored of Chinese culture and discovered the […]

Forest Protection Fail: How ‘Things Fall Apart’

Pauline von Hellermann seeks the root causes of African deforestation in Things Fall Apart? The Political Ecology of Forest Governance in Southern Nigeria, published in September. The volume stems from Hellermann’s ethnographic and historic research within the tropical forest of Nigeria’s Edo State as she digs to uncover the failings of forest protection. The following is […]

A Reflection on ‘Japanese Tourism’

Carolin Funck and Malcolm Cooper’s Japanese Tourism: Spaces, Places and Structures, published this month, explains the nuances of Japanese tourism, both by the Japanese and within Japan by tourists from around the world. Below, the editors recall what drew them to this fascinating field of study, how the field has changed since they started writing, […]

Fresh Ink on a Classic: Going ‘Beyond “Writing Culture”’

In 1986, Writing Culture: The Poetics and Politics of Ethnography was published, and it changed the perception of ethnographic study from then on. Little more than 20 years later, Olaf Zenker and Karsten Kumoll took its reach further with Beyond Writing Culture: Current Intersections of Epistemologies and Representational Practices, published originally in 2010 and published […]