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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Berghahn Journals! Celebrate with some spooky articles:



The Life of the Death of ‘The Fighting Fairy Woman of Bodmin’: Storytelling around the Museum of Witchcraft

Anthropological Journal of European Cultures, Volume 22, Number 1


The World of the Dead as Viewed among the Negev Bedouin

Anthropology of the Middle East, Volume 7, Number 2


Experiencing Satan in Early Modern Scotland

Critical Survey, Volume 23, Number 2


Dirty Mamma’: Horror, Vampires, and the Maternal in Late Nineteenth-Century Gothic Fiction

Critical Survey, Volume 15, Number 3


Adolescence in Action: Screening Narratives of Girl Killers

Girlhood Studies, Volume 7, Number 2


Witch City and Mnemonic Tourism

Journeys, Volume 7, Number 2


Monstrous Appetites and Positive Emotions in True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, and The Walking Dead

Projections, Volume 7, Number 1


Existentialism and Art-Horror

Sartre Studies International, Volume 16, Number 1


Shamanic Battleground: Magic, Sorcery, and Warrior Shamanism in Venezuela

Social Analysis, Volume 58, Number 1