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Berghahn Journals: New Issues Published in February

The International Yearbook of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern European Women’s and Gender History
Volume 11
This is the eleventh volume of the journal which covers a wide range of topics. Two articles tackle different meanings of revolution. This issue also introduces a new section called Research Notes.


The International Journal of Social Quality
Volume 6, Issue 1
In this issue, the articles consider multiple approaches as they address societal issues such as the challenge of sustainability, gender parity and equality, the digital revolution and its effects on labor markets and Corporate Social Responsibility.

This issue also includes an article by Steve Corbett that examines the 2016 Referendum on the United Kingdom’s (UK) European Union (EU) membership.


Journal of Romance Studies
Interdisciplinary Research in French, Hispanic, Italian and Portuguese Cultures
Volume 16, Issue 2
This issue is titled “Portuguese film: Colony, postcolony, memory.” This Special Issue has its origins in a symposium hosted by the Institute for Modern Languages Research (IMLR) in London, January 2016. The symposium, ‘Portuguese film: Colony, postcolony, memory,’ aimed to investigate scholarly engagement with the colonial and postcolonial in Portuguese cinema.

The 2017 Volume of Journal of Romance Studies will be published by Liverpool University Press.

Screen Bodies
An Interdisciplinary Journal of Experience, Perception, and Display
Volume 1, Issue 2
This issue of Screen Bodies is especially focused on screened women and girls, calling for a reexamination of how we divide and classify our bodies by gender and genre and the effects such divisions provoke.

Nature and Culture
Volume 12, Issue 1
Featuring a special symposium on the topic of “Living with Disasters,” this issue considers the social and cultural aspects of disasters. The articles in this symposium showcase contributions from highly relevant social research and illustrate the great number of ways in which diverse individuals, groups, and communities engage with disasters.

Anthropology of the Middle East
Volume 11, Issue 2
This issue is open-themed. However, the theme of Symbolic Anthropology of the Middle East appears as a common thread throughout this collection of articles and notes from the field. All of the contributors in this issue are sensitive to symbols and emotions and discuss their importance to convey meaning.

Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies
Volume 7, Issue 1
This issue commences with one individual contribution, an article from Christopher Howard and Wendelin K├╝pers titled “Interplaced Mobility in the Age of ‘Digital Gestell.'” Following this article is a Special Section that is centered around the relationship between interwar print culture in the Pacific and mobility. This section is guest edited by Victoria Kuttainen and Susann Liebich.


Social Analysis
The International Journal of Social and Cultural Practice
Volume 61, Issue 1
Titled Post-Ottoman Topologies, this special issue proposes new theoretical approaches to the experience and transmission of the past through time. The articles in this issue explore the transmission of collective memories of post-Ottoman state formation and the malaise associated with a contemporary epoch that might be termed ‘late nationalism’.


Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology
Volume 2017, Issue 77
In a special section titled “nonrecording states,”contributors explore why and when states knowingly refrain from recording people and their activities. This issue also features a general articles section and concludes with a forum and review article.