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Hot Off the Presses – New Journal Issues Published in July

European Comic Art
Volume 8, Issue 1
Articles in this edition of ECA pursue the theme of boundary crossing by examining negotiations between the national and the transnational from several different angles, including subject matter, influences, and critical traditions.


Nature and Culture
Volume 10, Issue 2
The first article explores challenges to social sustainability procedures, while the second article approaches environmentalism as a way of positioning ourselves in relation to the world around us. The third article in this issue explores how humor can be used to illustrate critical trends related to sustainability, and the fourth article examines the dynamic between populist radical right parties and environmental issues such as climate protection. The last article in this issue offers insights about the relationship between institutions for water governance and perceptions in Ontario First Nations communities. This issue concludes with a Review Essay.


French Politics, Culture & Society
Volume 33, Issue 2
This special issue is titled Decolonization and Religion in the French Empire. The essays in this special issue are all contributions to French history, but at the same time they move beyond national or political frameworks. In the process, they address questions like the following: Did decolonization fundamentally alter patterns of social allegiance and encourage the forging of new ties, be they national or transnational? Conversely, has the importance of decolonization been over-emphasized? In certain domains of intellectual, cultural, and social life, did decolonization have little perceivable impact on language and practice-or even none at all? The contributors to this collection offer varied answers to these crucial questions.


Anthropology of the Middle East
Volume 9, Issue 2
This special issue is titled Sexuality, Culture and Public Politics in the Middle East. The texts in this issue highlight the various ways in which sexuality has become a new frontier for public politics, as well as the role of citizens in challenging oppressive state regulation and cultural norms, and in reshaping values around sexuality and the most intimate aspects of daily life.


Transfers: Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies
Volume 5, Issue 2
The articles in this issue cover a range of topics including immigration and national identity, concepts of human violence, the role of the Humanities in the university, and Machiavellianism.


Historical Reflections/Reflexions Historiques
Volume 41, Issue 2
This special issue is titled Appetite for Discovery: Sense and Sentiment in the Early Modern World and offers a collection of articles written in relation to the burgeoning interest in the history of emotions.


Focaal: Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology
Volume 2015, Issue 72
This special issue is titled Inspiring Alterpolitics and features a range of articles under this theme. This issue concludes with the Forum section.


Contributions to the History of Concepts
Volume 10, issue 1
This issue explores the following: the multiple dimensions of the comparison between King Ferdinand VII of Spain and the Ottoman sultan, examples related to the concept of scripture, semantic rehabilitation, religious concepts in modernity constructed on an ontological contradiction, and the concept of parliamentary immunity.


Anthropology in Action
Volume 22, Issue 1
This special issue is titled Negotiating Care in Uncertain Settings and Looking Beneath the Surface of Health Governance Projects and the articles encourage us to look at the social relations and biopolitics of encounters between patients, medical professionals, medical institutions and the state and to carefully interrogate shifts in the distribution of responsibility for healthcare and all it entails.