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International Day of Forests

woods-445264_1920Celebrating International Day of Forests! Yearly on March 21st the United Nations promotes education and raises awareness of the importance of all types of forests. “Healthy forests mean healthy, resilient communities and prosperous economies.” For more information visit



Berghahn is pleased to offer a selection of relevant books and journal articles from our Environmental Studies list:


The Forest People without a Forest: Development Paradoxes, Belonging and Participation of the Baka in East CameroonTHE FOREST PEOPLE WITHOUT A FOREST
Development Paradoxes, Belonging and Participation of the Baka in East Cameroon
Glory M. Lueong


“This is a fascinating and important case in Cameroon and a crucial lesson for anthropology, which has at times been inclined to take the erroneous position that groupness is an inexpungeable reality when it may not exist today and may not have existed in the past.” · Anthropology Review Database

Read Introduction


Managing Northern Europe's Forests: Histories from the Age of Improvement to the Age of EcologyMANAGING NORTHERN EUROPE’S FORESTS
Histories from the Age of Improvement to the Age of Ecology
Edited by K. Jan Oosthoek and Richard Hölzl

Environment in History: International Perspectives


Across eleven chapters, the contributors to this volume survey the histories of state forestry policy in Scandinavia, the Low Countries, Germany, Poland, and Great Britain from the early modern period to the present.

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Read Introduction: State Forestry in Northern Europe


Reclaiming the Forest: The Ewenki Reindeer Herders of AoluguyaRECLAIMING THE FOREST
The Ewenki Reindeer Herders of Aoluguya
Edited by Åshild Kolås and Yuanyuan Xie


The reindeer herders of Aoluguya, China, are a group of former hunters who today see themselves as “keepers of reindeer” as they engage in ethnic tourism and exchange experiences with their Ewenki neighbors in Russian Siberia. Though to some their future seems problematic, this book focuses on the present, challenging the pessimistic outlook, reviewing current issues, and describing the efforts of the Ewenki to reclaim their forest lifestyle and develop new forest livelihoods.

Read Introduction: Writing the ‘Reindeer Ewenki’


Things Fall Apart?: The Political Ecology of Forest Governance in Southern NigeriaTHINGS FALL APART?
The Political Ecology of Forest Governance in Southern Nigeria
Pauline von Hellermann

Environmental Anthropology and Ethnobiology


Through an in-depth historical and ethnographic study of forestry in Edo State, this book challenges the routine linking of political and ecological crisis narratives. It shows that the roots of many of today’s problems lie in scientific forest management itself, rather than its recent abandonment, and moreover that many “illegal” local practices improve rather than reduce biodiversity and forest cover.


Animism in Rainforest and Tundra: Personhood, Animals, Plants and Things in Contemporary Amazonia and SiberiaANIMISM IN RAINFOREST AND TUNDRA
Personhood, Animals, Plants and Things in Contemporary Amazonia and Siberia
Edited by Marc Brightman, Vanessa Elisa Grotti, and Olga Ulturgasheva


By exploring the social relations between humans and non-human entities credited with human-like personhood (not only animals and plants, but also ‘things’ such as artifacts, trade items, or mineral resources) from a comparative perspective, this volume offers valuable insights into the constitutions of humanity and personhood characteristic of the two areas.

Read Introduction: Animism and Invisible Worlds: The Place of Non-humans in Indigenous Ontologies


Being and Becoming: Embodiment and Experience among the Orang Rimba of SumatraBEING AND BECOMING
Embodiment and Experience among the Orang Rimba of Sumatra
Ramsey Elkholy


For the Orang Rimba of Sumatra – and tropical foragers in general – life in the forest engenders a kind of “connectedness” that is contingent not only on harmonious relations between people, but also between people and the non-human environment, including those supernatural agencies of the forest that people depend on for their spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Read Introduction


For a full selection of titles in our Environmental Studies list please visit our webpage.


Featured Articles from Berghahn Journals: Access available until 3/28.



ARES 9 cover

Environment & Society: Advances in Research


The Afterlives of Degraded Tropical Forests: New Value for Conservation and Development (Vol. 5, Issue 1)

Open Access Article: A Crystal Ball for Forests?: Analyzing the Social-Ecological Impacts of Forest Conservation and Management over the Long Term (Vol. 8, Issue 1)

Cultures of Soy and Cattle in the Context of Reduced Deforestation and Agricultural Intensification in the Brazilian Amazon (Vol. 7, Issue 1)



Democracy Theory cover vis_Layout 1

Democratic Theory: An Interdisciplinary Journal


Forms of Political Participation Used within Forest Certification (Vol. 1, Issue 2)






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