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Hurricane Sandy and the Climate Change Debate

This was the scene just down the street from the Berghahn offices in DUMBO the night of Hurricane Sandy – our office is just outside the frame of this particular photo:

(Photo: AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Over 3 million gallons of water have been pumped from the basement of our office building since then, and we are glad to report that everyone on staff made it through safe and sound (albeit without heat this week but we’re bundled up and hanging in there).

Though recovery has been fairly swift in our area, the images of the “Frankenstorm” and its aftermath have brought the issues of climate change and sustainability to the forefront of political discourse in the United States. Bloomberg Businessweek took the blunt approach:

(Photo: Bloomberg Businessweek)

At Berghahn Journals, we’re proud to publish a selection of journals that take a more scholarly approach to environmental issues.

In the next few weeks, we will be posting the online version of Environment and Society Volume 3, which focuses on Capitalism and the Environment. Preview the Table of Contents on the journal’s main page, here.

Next Spring, we are excited to be publishing Nature + Culture’s Special Symposium on “Nature, Science, and Politics, or: Policy Assessment to Promote Sustainable Development?”, the Table of Contents for which is posted on the journal’s main page, here.


In our most recent issue of Nature + Culture, several articles focus on approaches to sustainability:

Sustainability in the Water Sector: Enabling Lasting Change through Leadership and Cultural Transformation by Wendy Lynne Lee

The Environmental Impacts of Militarization in Comparative Perspective: An Overlooked Relationship by Andrew K. Jorgenson, Brett Clark, Jennifer E. Givens

Review Essay: Just Plain Disappointment: Why Contemporary Thinking About Environmental Sustainability Needs To Be More Courageous by Wendy Lynne Lee


Moving forward, we hope that the work of scholars such as those published in our journals will continue to contribute to the discourse on climate change.