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Hot Off the Presses- New Journal Releases from Berghahn

New journal releases from Berghahn:
Anthropology of Middle East, Volume 7, Number 1, Spring 2012
This issue focuses on the ethnography of contemporary Afghanistan, with articles village life, war, reconstruction, and more.

Journeys: The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing, Volume 13, Issue 1, Summer 2012
Articles on an English pilgrimage site, Peter Carey’s writings on Tokyo and Sydney, hotel culture in Victorian England and Ireland, and a reconsideration of the tourist/traveler distinction with regard to 18th century Europe.

Social AnalysisVolume 56, Issue 1, Spring 2012
A special issue on “Cosmologies of Fortune: Luck, Vitality, and Uncontrolled Relatedness.” Articles examines “fortune” as it is present in a wide array of cultures spanning the globe, including the Amazon, Siberia, Mongolia, Malaysia, Japan, and others.