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Hot Off the Presses – New Journal Releases for September

European Judaism
Volume 46, Issue 2
This issue features two special sections: Jews in Eastern Europe: Exile and After and From the Tradition. The former comprises articles on such topics as what it means to be in exile and how those in exile choose where to begin their lives anew; and the latter features articles that explore more traditional or theological subjects such as the status of the Temple in Jewish culture or the praise of silence in contrast to the need to speak out to end avoidable human suffering. This issue also features a review essay, a book reviews section, a poetry section, and a books received section.

Learning and Teaching
Volume 5, Issue 3
This special issue just published focuses on how efforts to increase internationalisation of higher education go hand in hand with educational marketisation. It is the editors’ intention that this special issue contributes to the recent attempts to reconsider the field of internationalisation on more social and ethical grounds.

Mobility in History
Volume 5, Issue 1
With the fifth publication of this yearbook, the editors begin by asking that the fluidity of the field reflect the fluidity of the topic. They suggest that it might be time to consider a merger between the subfields within this discipline so as to continue to push mobility studies in a fruitful direction. With that in mind, they have collected a series of articles that touch on a variety of subjects

Nature and Culture
Volume 8, Issue 3
This special issue is entitled Religious Innovation for a Sustainable Future: Perspectives from Norway, Ghana, China and India and is guest-edited by Nina Witoszek.

Regions and Cohesion
Volume 3, Issue 2
The journal of the Consortium for Comparative Research on Regional Integration and Social Cohesion (RISC), Regions & Cohesion, is a needed platform for academics and practitioners alike to disseminate both empirical research and normative analysis of topics related to human and environmental security, social cohesion, and governance.

Volume 12, Issue 2
This special forum comprises articles based on papers presented at the session “Baikal Issues under Persistent State Care” at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers and serves as an introduction to the economic, social, and political dimensions of a unique natural object.

Social Analysis
Volume 57, Issue 2
Social Analysis has long been at the forefront of anthropology’s engagement with the humanities and other social sciences. In forming a critical, concerned, and empirical perspective, it encourages contributions that break away from the disciplinary bounds of anthropology and suggest innovative ways of challenging hegemonic paradigms through ‘grounded theory’, analysis based in original empirical research.