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Hot Off the Presses – New Journal Releases for October

Girlhood Studies
Volume 6, Issue 2
This special issue of Girlhood Studies, titled Nordic Girls’ Studies: Current Themes and Theoretical Approaches, is the first GHS issue to be devoted to the study of girls living in a specific region.

Volume 60, Issue 136
This special issue emerges from a concern with academic practice around researching and theorising race, racialism and racism; particularly within the current theoretical climate in which race is, in the majority, accepted as a social construct.

Anthropological Journal of European Cultures
Volume 22, Issue 2
This special issue is entitled Being Muslims in the Balkans: Ethnographies of Identity, Politics and Vernacular Islam in Southeast Europe. 

Learning and Teaching
Volume 6, Issue 1
This issue features a selection of articles covering South and North America and concludes with responses to ‘The Academic Rat Race’, which was published in LATISS 5.2.

Journal of Romance Studies
Volume 13, Issue 2
This issue features articles covering a range of topics from short fiction of Portuguese-language writers to Ahmadou Kourouma and Gustave Courbet to a close reading of La Raulito/Little Raoul and, finally, major themes in Jacques Hassoun’s Alexandries. This issue also includes a review article and notes on contributors.

Historical Reflections
Volume 39, Issue 3
This special issue comprises articles exploring issues of nostalgia in modern France. The topics addressed are wide-ranging, from immigration to revolution and more.