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Hot Off the Presses – New Journal Releases for January

German Politics & Society
Volume 31, Issue 4
This special issue is titled “German-Polish Border Regions in Contemporary Culture and Politics: Between Regionalism and Transnationalism.”

Contributions to the History of Concepts
Volume 8, Issue 2
This issue features articles covering a variety of social, political, and cultural topics.

Social Analysis
Volume 57, Issue 3
This special issue is titled “Cutting and Connecting: ‘Afrinesian’ Perspectives on Networks, Relationality, and Exchange.”

Regions & Cohesion
Volume 3, Issue 3
This special issue is titled “Regions Without Borders? Regional Governance, Migration, and  Social Protection in Africa and Europe.”

European Comic Art
Volume 6, Issue 2
In this issue, the authors devote their attention to several aspects of the dialogue between comics and other arts.

Environment and Society: Advances in Research
Volume 4, Issue 1
This issue explores human-animal relations and what it means to be ‘human’ as well as what it means to be ‘animal.’

Italian Politics
Volume 28, Issue 1
This issue features a chronological list of important Italian political events as well as a variety of articles discussing many aspects of Italian politics.

Journal of Romance Studies
Volume 13, Issue 3
This special issue is titled “Revisiting Postmemory: The Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma in Post-Dictatorship Latin American Culture.”

Volume 12, Issue 3
This issue touches on a range of topics related to Siberian Studies.

Critical Survey
Volume 25, Issue 2
This special issue is titled “Eco-Dystopias: Nature and Dystopian Imagination.”

Sartre Studies International
Volume 19, Issue 2
This issue inaugurates a new phase of SSI: for the first time, we are publishing articles in French as well as English.