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Hot Off the Presses – New Journal Issues Published in November


Anthropology of the Middle East

Volume 10, Issue 1

In this issue, we present contributions that deal with museums, museology and their approaches to the new social situations through which they must navigate.



Volume 5, Issue 3

This issue features a special section on settler-colonial mobilities


Social Analysis

Volume 59, Issue 3

This issue covers a range of topics including fieldwork relations, street art, economic practices, and more.


Anthropological Journal of European Cultures

Volume 24, Issue 2

The thematic focus of this issue is Urban Place-making Between Art, Qualitative Research and Politics.


French Politics, Culture & Society

Volume 33, Issue 3

This issue explores themes of race and racism in France.


The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology

Volume 33, Issue 2

The issue’s special section on ‘Intimacy Revisited’ features articles that situate dominant understandings of ‘intimacy’ in its associations with sexuality, but then expand to examine intimacy as a much broader empirical issue.


Nature and Culture

Volume 10, Issue 3

This special issue is motivated by the question of why materiality is so difficult to deal with in terms of research methods. As a whole, the contributions illustrate the variety of research problems in the social sciences to which material agency matters, as well as the methodological challenges included in the empirical investigation of things.


Critical Survey

Volume 27, Issue 2

This special issue is devoted to Victorian literature and science.