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September 27th is World Tourism Day, a day to foster awareness and appreciation of tourism’s social, cultural, political and economic value.

This year’s theme is Tourism and Jobs: a better future for all. Tourism is a major source of employment because of its labor-intensive nature and its significant multiplier effect on employment in related sectors. It is estimated that one job in the core tourism sector creates about one-and-a-half additional or indirect jobs in the tourism-related economy. Overall, tourism accounts for one in ten jobs worldwide. For more information please visit

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We are delighted to feature the following titles on travel and tourism.

Valerio Simoni
Foreword by Nelson Graburn
Volume 38, New Directions in Anthropology

“While his work touches on themes such as migration, north/south divide, transnationalism, and the nature of socializing and social boundaries, this is primarily an anthropological study of relationships generated through tourism, featuring pithy ethnographic vignettes. Tourism and Informal Encounters in Cuba offers readers a multilayered analysis of connecting across boundaries, as visitors and hosts negotiate power, desire, fear, and hope.” • Anthropos

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Ecotourism, Local Knowledge, and Nature Therapies in Okinawa
Andrea E. Murray
Volume 40, New Directions in Anthropology

… a wonderful ethnographic work…As readers navigate through shared narratives and collective histories, they cannot help but feel they are immersed within the Okinawan culture. Libraries with anthropological collections focusing on Pacific Island studies (with a primary focus on Japan) or cultural heritage tourism should have a copy of this work. Highly recommended.” • Choice

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Edited by Garth Lean, Russell Staiff, and Emma Waterton

Travel and Representation is a timely volume of essays that explores and re-examines the various convergences between literature, art, photography, television, cinema and travel. The essays do so in a way that appreciates the entanglement of representations and travel at a juncture in theoretical work that recognizes the limits of representation, things that lie outside of representation and the continuing power of representation. The emphasis is on the myriad ways travelers/scholars employ representation in their writing/analyses as they re-think the intersections between travelers, fields of representation, imagination, emotions and corporeal experiences in the past, the present and the future.

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Studying and Volunteering Abroad
Edited by Neriko Doerr and Hannah Taïeb

What draws people to study abroad or volunteer in far-off communities? Often the answer is romance – the romance of landscapes, people, languages, the very sense of border-crossing – and longing for liberation, attraction to the unknown, yearning to make a difference. This volume explores the complicated and often fraught desires to study and volunteer abroad. In doing so, the book sheds light on how affect is managed by educators and mobilized by students and volunteers themselves, and how these structures of feeling relate to broader social and economic forces.

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Anthropological Musings on the Meanings of Travel
Noel B. Salazar
Volume 4, Worlds in Motion

Both focusing specifically on how various societies and cultures imagine and value boundary-crossing mobilities “elsewhere” and drawing heavily on his own European lifeworld, the author examines momentous travels abroad in the context of education, work, and spiritual quests and the search for a better quality of life.

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Development, Tourism and the Politics of Benevolence in Mozambique
João Afonso Baptista
Volume 30, EASA Series

Drawing on ethnographic research in the village of Canhane, which is host to the first community tourism project in Mozambique, The Good Holiday explores the confluence of two powerful industries: tourism and development, and explains when, how and why tourism becomes development and development, tourism. The volume further explores the social and material consequences of this merging, presenting the confluence of tourism and development as a major vehicle for the exercise of ethics, and non-state governance in contemporary life.

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Anthropological Approaches
Edited by Noel B. Salazar and Nelson H. H. Graburn
Afterword by Naomi Leite

“This book establishes ‘imaginaries’ as part of the conceptual apparatus of the anthropology of tourism [and] contributes to social anthropology more generally by exploring how tourism imaginaries intersect with broader cultural and ideological structures… The wealth of its ethnography, combined with its innovative conceptual approaches, exemplifies the strengths anthropology is bringing to interdisciplinary tourism studies.” · Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

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Spaces, Places and Structures
Carolin Funck and Malcolm Cooper
Volume 5, Asia-Pacific Studies: Past and Present 

“The volume’s scope suggests how daunting the editors’ task was, and they do a credible job, addressing issues ranging from governmental policy to heritage tourism to the possibilities of virtual tourism in the 21st century. This is a good introduction to the subject… what the authors do accomplish is significant, particularly for comparative tourism studies…Highly recommended.” · Choice

Globalization, Tourism and Identity in the Anthropology of Dance
Edited by Hélène Neveu Kringelbach and Jonathan Skinner
Volume 4, Dance and Performance Studies

“While globalization and tourism are included in the discussion of dance, the strength of the content is in understanding the composition of dance and the role dance plays in shaping cultures.” · Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change

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Cultivating the Human Garden
David Picard
Foreword by Nelson Graburn
Volume 32, New Directions in Anthropology

“The book demonstrates that the ethnographic genre can be effective in advancing a deeper, more thickly described account of tourism at the same time as tourism offers an advantageous lens through which to understand the cultural politics of globalization generally…Its greatest contribution would seem to be a new way of theorizing the complex conjunctions of nature and culture that so often orientalize host societies in tourism imaginaries.” · Annals of Tourism Research

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Cultural Revival, Tourism, and the Recrafting of History in Vanuatu
Hugo DeBlock

In Vanuatu, commoditization and revitalization of culture and the arts do not necessarily work against each other; both revolve around value formation and the authentication of things. This book investigates the meaning and value of (art) objects as commodities in differing states of transit and transition: in the local place, on the market, in the museum. It provides an ethnographic account of commoditization in a context of revitalization of culture and the arts in Vanuatu, and the issues this generates, such as authentication of actions and things, indigenized copyright, and kastom disputes over ownership and the nature of kastom itself.

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Featured Series

Festivals, Memorials, and Homecomings

Series Editors,
Tom Selwyn, SOAS University of London
Nicola Frost, Devon Community Foundation

The landscape of contemporary mobility stresses ideas of home, return, commemoration and celebration. Groups seek to mark changing elements of historical and cultural importance through architecture, narrative and festivity. Migrants and their descendants frequently travel between ‘homes’, reinventing and reshaping as they go. Such events can themselves attract travelers and pilgrims with their own stories to tell. Engaging with more substantive ethnographic features and linking back to classical anthropological and philosophical concerns, this series contributes to a new understanding of the Other encountered away from home but also of the Self and home.

Vol. 3
Mobilities and Homemaking
Edited by Nicola Frost and Tom Selwyn

Vol. 2
The Spatial Ritualization of Iranian Urban Transformation
Reza Masoudi

Vol. 1
Time and Encounter in a Bosnian Landscape
Safet HadžiMuhamedović

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In recognition of World Tourism Day, Berghahn Journals is offering full access to Journeys until October 4! To access, use promo code Tourism19. View redemption instructions.

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Receive full access to Special Section: Pilgrimage to the Holy Lands in Volume 5 of Religion and Society until October 4!

Journal for Applied Anthropology in Policy and Practice

*Special Issue: Tourism and Applied Anthropology in Theory and Praxis

*Tourism and HIV, Nancy Romero-Daza, Mackenzie Tewell, David Himmelgreen, Oriana Ramirez-Rubioand Elsa Batres-Boni

*‘Working on Holiday’: Relationships between Tourism and Work among Young Canadians in Edinburgh, Kathleen Rice