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Claudia Mitchell, Editor-in-Chief of Girlhood Studies, awarded Prix du Québec

Berghahn Books editor Claudia Mitchell has been awarded the Prix du Québec’s Leon-Gerin Prize, the highest honor for Québec researchers. To be considered, recipients must provide a high-quality scope of scientific production, have an international reach, and must have contributed to research training in their field or community development. Mitchell’s distinguished career certainly exceeds these expectations, as she has devoted her life to working with and for youth from around the world, focusing on gender-based violence prevention, HIV and AIDS awareness, and safety in sanitation and housing.

Mitchell is the founder of the Participatory Cultures Club, engaging young women in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Mozambique, Vietnam, Russia, and indigenous girls and young women across Canada. In Québec, her work helps new teachers and researchers focus on the needs of at-risk children raised in Montreal, including those affected by war and without status. She is also the creator of Circles Within Circles: Girl-Led Transnational Dialogues to Combat Sexual Violence, supported by the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation. Mitchell serves as James McGill Professor in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill University, where she is also Director of the Institute for Human Development and Well-Being.

In addition, Mitchell is a highly accomplished and active author and editor with us at BB! She is the editor-in-chief of Berghahn’s Girlhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, one of four editors of the growing series Transnational Girlhoods, and the co-editor of our open-access title GIRLHOOD AND THE POLITICS OF PLACE.

We are delighted to congratulate Claudia on this well-deserved honor. See descriptions of her impressive Berghahn projects below.

Girlhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal is a peer-reviewed journal providing a forum for the critical discussion of girlhood from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, and for the dissemination of current research and reflections on girls’ lives to a broad, cross-disciplinary audience of scholars, researchers, practitioners in the fields of education, social service and health care and policy makers. International and interdisciplinary in scope, it is committed to feminist, anti-discrimination, anti-oppression approaches and solicits manuscripts from a variety of disciplines. The mission of the journal is to bring together contributions from and initiate dialogue among perspectives ranging from medical and legal practice, ethnographic inquiry, philosophical reflection, historical investigations, literary, cultural and media research to curriculum design and policy-making.

Transnational Girlhoods Series
Girlhood Studies has emerged over the last decade as a strong area of interdisciplinary research and activism, encompassing studies of feminism, women and gender, and childhood and youth and extending into such areas as sociology, anthropology, development studies, children’s literature, and cultural studies. As the first book series to focus specifically on this exciting field, Transnational Girlhoods will help to advance the research and activism agenda by publishing full-length monographs and edited collections that reflect a robust interdisciplinary and global perspective. International in scope, the series will draw on a vibrant network of girlhood scholars already active across North America, Europe, Russia, Oceania, and Africa, while forging connections with new activist and scholarly communities.

Volume 1
Edited by Ann Smith

Open Access!

Edited by Claudia Mitchell and Carrie Rentschler

“Firmly grounded in gender and women’s studies’ core concepts and questions, students and scholars alike will find this an important contribution Girlhood Studies, which each chapter promising various applications perhaps not yet considered.” • Canadian Women’s Studies

Examining context-specific conditions in which girls live, learn, work, play, and organize deepens the understanding of place-making practices of girls and young women worldwide. Focusing on place across health, literary and historical studies, art history, communications, media studies, sociology, and education allows for investigations of how girlhood is positioned in relation to interdisciplinary and transnational research methodologies, media environments, geographic locations, history, and social spaces. This book offers a comprehensive reading on how girlhood scholars construct and deploy research frameworks that directly engage girls in the research process.

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