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Celebrating International Day for Monuments and Sites

Celebrated yearly on April 18th, the International Day for Monuments and Sites, also known as World Heritage Day, encourages local communities and individuals throughout the world to consider the importance of cultural heritage to their lives and to promote awareness of its diversity and vulnerability and the efforts required to protect and conserve it. Sharing stories through heritage sites is a way to transfer knowledge between generations which is a crucial step in cultural development, characterizing the human experience since time immemorial. This year’s theme of Shared Cultures, Shared Heritage, Shared Responsibility is important now more than ever before as an expression of our global unity in the face of the ongoing worldwide health crisis. For more information on ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) and IDMS 2020 please visit 

In joining the celebration, Berghahn Books is pleased to offer 25% discount, valid for next 30 days, on relevant Museum Studies titles. At checkout, simply enter the code IDMS20. Berghahn is also offering FREE access to all journals content until 6/30. View the featured content below.

Memorializing the GDR: Monuments and Memory after 1989


Monuments and Memory after 1989
Anna Saunders

Memorializing the GDR provides the first in-depth study of this contested arena of public memory, investigating the individuals and groups devoted to the creation or destruction of memorials as well as their broader aesthetic, political, and historical contexts.


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Exploring Values in Heritage Practice
Kate Clark

Playing with the Past is the first ever action-learning book about heritage. Over eighty creative activities and games encompass the basics of heritage practice, from management and decisionmaking to community engagement and leadership. Although designed to ‘train the trainers’, the activities in the book are relevant to anyone involved in caring for heritage.

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Man and Boy in the British Museum Ethnography Department
Ben Burt


This is the first history of a remarkable museum and a memorable interlude in the long history of one of the world’s oldest and greatest museums. Although not presented as an academic study, it should be useful for museum and cultural studies as a well as a wider readership interested in the British Museum.

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Cultural Heritage Activism, Politics, and Identity
Edited by Ali Mozaffari and Tod Jones
Volume 2, Explorations in Heritage Studies

This volume is unique in that it is dedicated to approaching the analysis of heritage through the concepts of social movements. Adapting the latest developments in the field of social movements, the chapters examine the formation, use and contestation of heritage by various official, non-official and activist players and the spaces where such ongoing negotiations and contestation take place.

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World Heritage Craze in China: Universal Discourse, National Culture, and Local MemoryWORLD HERITAGE CRAZE IN CHINA
Universal Discourse, National Culture, and Local Memory
Haiming Yan

World Heritage Craze in China makes a unique contribution to Chinese heritage preservation, demonstrating the application and impact of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and the present state of the art in this area…”Antiquity

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Cultural Topographies of the New Berlin
Edited by Karin Bauer and Jennifer Ruth Hosek

Cultural Topographies of the New Berlin presents a fascinating cross-section of life in Germany’s largest city, revealing the complex ways in which globalization, ethnicity, economics, memory, and national identity inflect how its urban spaces are inhabited and depicted.

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Being Bedouin Around Petra: Life at a World Heritage Site in the Twenty-First CenturyBEING BEDOUIN AROUND PETRA
Life at a World Heritage Site in the Twenty-First Century
Mikkel Bille

Being Bedouin Around Petra explores the relationships between the UNESCO protection conferred on Petra, Jordan, and the traditions and lives of the semi-nomadic Bedouin who inhabit the surrounding area. It explores what it means to be Bedouin when tourism, heritage protection, national discourse, and other forces lay competing claims to the past.

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Views of Violence: Representing the Second World War in German and European Museums and MemorialsVIEWS OF VIOLENCE
Representing the Second World War in German and European Museums and Memorials
Edited by Jörg Echternkamp and Stephan Jaeger
Volume 19, Spektrum

“This is a very impressive collection that brings together a series of strong, substantial case studies arranged into two thematic sections that – in their strength and consistent quality – constitute a significant contribution to the field.”Gabriel Moshenska, University College London

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Politics of Scale: New Directions in Critical Heritage StudiesPOLITICS OF SCALE
New Directions in Critical Heritage Studies
Edited by Tuuli Lähdesmäki, Suzie Thomas, and Yujie Zhu

Volume 1, Explorations in Heritage Studies

Politics of Scale offers a global, multi- and interdisciplinary point of view to the scaled nature of heritage, and provides a theoretical discussion on scale as a social construct and a method in Critical Heritage Studies.

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World Heritage on the Ground: Ethnographic PerspectivesWORLD HERITAGE ON THE GROUND
Ethnographic Perspectives
Edited by Christoph Brumann and David Berliner
Volume 19, EASA Series

“The anthology presents case studies not only useful for furthering the field of heritage studies, but also for opening up the field of heritage to the anthropology of international institutions.”Heritage & Society

Read Introduction: UNESCO World Heritage – Grounded?


European Products: Making and Unmaking Heritage in CyprusEUROPEAN PRODUCTS
Making and Unmaking Heritage in Cyprus
Gisela Welz


Since the Republic of Cyprus joined the European Union in 2004, heritage-making and Europeanization are becoming intertwined in Greek-Cypriot society. The author argues that heritage emerges as an increasingly standardized economic resource — a “European product” — and that heritage policy has become infused with transnational market regulations and neoliberal property regimes.

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Sense and Essence: Heritage and the Cultural Production of the RealSENSE AND ESSENCE
Heritage and the Cultural Production of the Real
Edited by Birgit Meyer and Mattijs van de Port
Volume 9, Material Mediations: People and Things in a World of Movement

Contrary to popular perceptions, cultural heritage is not given, but constantly in the making, subject to dynamic processes of (re)inventing culture within particular social formations and via particular forms of mediation. Through the heuristic concepts of the “politics of authentication” and “aesthetics of persuasion,” this volume explores the centrality of this tension to heritage formation worldwide.

Read Introduction: Heritage Dynamics: Politics of Authentication, Aesthetics of Persuasion and the Cultural Production of the Real

Museums and Collections Series

This series explores the potential of museum collections to transform our knowledge of the world, and for exhibitions to influence the way in which we view and inhabit that world.

Volume 11
Conflict, Compromise, and the Making of Smithsonian’s Fossil Halls
Diana E. Marsh


Extinct Monsters to Deep Time is an ethnography that documents the growing friction between the research and outreach functions of the museum in the 21st century. Marsh describes participant observation and historical research at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History as it prepared for its largest-ever exhibit renovation, Deep Time.  As a museum ethnography, the book provides a grounded perspective on the inner-workings of the world’s largest natural history museum and the social processes of communicating science to the public.

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Volume 10
Video Testimony in Memorial Museums
Steffi de Jong

“De Jong’s study is enriching and stimulating. Her strength lies in categorizing, in reflection, and taking the debate about contemporary witnesses to a new level. Whoever wants to learn about the role of eye witnesses in the Memorial Museum will not be able to ignore this study.”
• H-Soz-Kult

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Visitors to the House of Memory: Identity and Political Education at the Jewish Museum BerlinVolume 9
Identity and Political Education at the Jewish Museum Berlin
Victoria Bishop Kendzia

As one of the most visited museums in Germany’s capital city, the Jewish Museum Berlin is a key site for understanding not only German-Jewish history, but also German identity in an era of unprecedented ethnic and religious diversity.

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The Enemy on Display: The Second World War in Eastern European MuseumsVolume 7
The Second World War in Eastern European Museums
Zuzanna Bogumił, Joanna Wawrzyniak, Tim Buchen, Christian Ganzer and Maria Senina

“The study contains a multitude of interesting details and observations pertaining to various regimes of collective memory, the specifics of national and local commemorations, and the inclusion of contested past into the fabric of museum exhibitions.” · Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research

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Borders of Belonging: Experiencing History, War and Nation at a Danish Heritage SiteVolume 5
Experiencing History, War and Nation at a Danish Heritage Site
Mads Daugbjerg

Comprised of an ethnography of two profoundly different institutions – a conventional museum and an experience-based heritage center – it analyses the ways in which staff and visitors interfere with, relate to, and literally “make sense” of the war heritage and its national connotations.

For a full selection of volumes in the series and manuscript submission procedure please visit series webpage.

BERGHAHN Journals – Access all content until 6/30!

Cover Religion and SocietyReligion and Society
Advances in Research

Religion and Society responds to the need for a rigorous, in-depth review of current work in the expanding sub-discipline of the anthropology of religion.

Featured Article: Religious Tourism: Analytical Routes through Multiple Meanings

Cover Israel Studies ReviewIsrael Studies Review
An Interdisciplinary Journal

Israel Studies Review (ISR) is the journal of the Association for Israel Studies, an international and interdisciplinary scholarly organization dedicated to the study of all aspects of Israeli society, history, politics, and culture.

Featured Issue: Changing Perspectives on the Temple Mount

Cover Journal of Educational Media, Memory, and SocietyJournal of Educational Media, Memory, and Society

JEMMS explores perceptions of society as constituted and conveyed in processes of learning and educational media. The focus is on various types of texts (such as textbooks, museums, memorials, films) and their institutional, political, social, economic, and cultural contexts.

Featured Issue: Museums and the Educational Turn: History, Memory, Inclusivity

Cover JourneysJourneys
The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing

Journeys is an interdisciplinary journal that explores travel as a practice and travel writing as a genre, reflecting the rich diversity of travel and journeys as social and cultural practices as well as their significance as metaphorical processes.

Featured Issue: Trauma Trails and Memory Walks


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