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Berghahn Journals: New Issues Published in September



Mobility in History

The Yearbook of the International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility

Volume 8, Issue 1

The seventeen pieces in this issue reflect how much the publication has accomplished in its eight years. This issue collates articles from historians, sociologists, anthropologists, and geographers and spans nearly the entire globe, tying together hundreds of sources. 

While this is the last issue of Mobility in History that will appear as a stand-alone journal, the publication is far from disappearing. Mobility in History will become an essential part of T2M’s website and back issues will remain accessible to members in perpetuity, providing a meaningful archive of work.



Interdisciplinary Journal of Siberian Studies

Volume 15, Issue 1: Northern Mobilities

Focused on Northern Mobilities, this issue covers topics such as Evenki mobility patterns, lobstick making, and reindeer herding. This issue also includes a report on the digitization of Siberian newspapers, addressing the challenges, perspectives, and achievements of digitization. 

Volume 15, Issue 2

Volume 15, Issue 2 of Sibirica examines mortuary ritual among the Chukchi of Northern Kamchatka, “clan organization” among Ilimpii Evenki, and the relationship between the terms Pomor’e and Russian North. This issue concludes with a book reviews section. 



A Journal of Social and Political Theory

Volume 63, Issue 148

The articles in this issue cover a range of topics including financial risk, African colonialism and ‘freedom voids’, and connections between moral conflict and concepts of the private, the public and the political. This issue concludes with a review essay. 


European Judaism

A Journal for the New Europe

Volume 49, Issue 2

Dedicated to Rabbi Sheila Shulman Z’L, this memorial issues marks her passing as well as twenty-five years since her ordination. Sheila Shulman, along with Elizabeth Tikvah Sarah, was the first lesbian rabbi to graduate from Leo Baeck College. The issue includes a dedications section from current or former teachers at the college as well as posthumous papers, extracts, and poetry from Shulman. 


Social Analysis

The International Journal of Social and Cultural Practice

Volume 60, Issue 3

The articles in this issue explore a diverse range of topics including shamanic practices, patriotic music videos in post-Soviet Armenia, the role of freedom in development schemes, and more. This issue concludes with a Book Reviews section.