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Berghahn Journals: New Issues Published in October


Boyhood Studies

An Interdisciplinary Journal 

Volume 10, Issue 2: Contemporary Boys’ Literacies and Boys’ Literatures 

This special issue of Boyhood Studies explores the changes in defining literacy alongside significant alterations to traditional cultural practices associated with boyhood.

Durkheimian Studies

Volume 22

This volume of Durkheimian Studies / Études Durkheimiennes features articles ranging from a critique of Marcel Mauss’s ‘Critique interne de la “Légende de l’Abraham”‘ to an exploration of Durkheim’s historical roots.

Journal of Educational Media, Memory, and Society

Volume 9, Issue 2

The articles in this issue of Journal of Educational Media, Memory, and Society provide insight into the role of multimodal designs for learning, and examine how digital media interacts with collective memories and teaching practices.

Nature and Culture

Volume 12, Issue 3

The articles in this issue of Nature and Culture range in topics from the variable “visibility” of stressed water resources to the expansionistic production cycle that accelerates resource use and pollution. 


The Journal for Movies and Mind

Volume 11, Issue 2

The articles in this issue of Projections lend a critical eye to cognition and emotion in film. Topics range from conceptualizing emotions in performer expressiveness to racial attitudes in response to “white savior” films.

Religion and Society

Advances in Research

Volume 8, 2017

This volume of Religion and Society begins with a portrait of the late J. D. Y. Peel and articles range from an analysis of recurrent crystallization of Christian nationalism to diagnostic value in the film, Winter Sleep. A special section, “Toward a Comparative Anthropology of Buddhism,” follows.

Social Analysis

Volume 61, Issue 3

This issue of Social Analysis features articles that critically probe established paradigms of social and cultural analysis, ranging from discussions of oil production in Chad to an exploration of the Internet as a ‘techno-spiritual system.’


Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies

Volume 7, Issue 3: Mobilities in a Dangerous World 

This special issue of Transfers explores the dynamics of contemporary mobilities through a critical focus on “dangerous” spaces and places.