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Volume 16

Contemporary European History

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Memory and Change in Europe

Eastern Perspectives

Edited by Małgorzata Pakier and Joanna Wawrzyniak
Foreword by Jeffrey Olick

388 pages, 11 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78238-929-3 $150.00/£107.00 Hb Published (November 2015)

ISBN  978-1-78533-816-8 $34.95/£24.00 Pb Not Yet Published (February 2018)

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“[This volume] addresses memory and cultural transformations from an eastern point of view… [and] illuminates very different aspects of the problems Eastern European researchers face identifying  national crossroads of diverging memories and the necessity of coming to terms with a surfeit of memories which had not hitherto been publicly articulated or acknowledged.” · European History Quarterly

“The various contributions to this book highlight why the joint enterprise of creating and reconciling memories between Eastern and Western Europe remains a complex undertaking that escapes straightforward answers. Yet the search for answers is valuable and stimulating. The reader is invited to travel to locales which, while not terrae incognitae, reveal themselves in new and fascinating ways.” · Helga Welsh, Wake Forest University


In studies of a common European past, there is a significant lack of scholarship on the former Eastern Bloc countries. While understanding the importance of shifting the focus of European memory eastward, contributors to this volume avoid the trap of Eastern European exceptionalism, an assumption that this region’s experiences are too unique to render them comparable to the rest of Europe. They offer a reflection on memory from an Eastern European historical perspective, one that can be measured against, or applied to, historical experience in other parts of Europe. In this way, the authors situate studies on memory in Eastern Europe within the broader debate on European memory.

Małgorzata Pakier is Head of the Research Department at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw. Her publications include The Construction of European Holocaust Memory. German and Polish Cinema after 1989 (2013), and A European Memory?: Contested Histories and Politics of Remembrance (co-edited with Bo Stråth, 2010).

Joanna Wawrzyniak is Deputy Director of the Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw, and Head of the Social Memory Laboratory. Her most recent publication is The Enemy on Display: The Second World War in Eastern European Museums (co-authored with Zuzanna Bogumił et al., 2015)

Subject: General History Sociology
Area: Central/Eastern Europe

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List of Illustrations

Jeffrey Olick


Introduction: Memory and Change in Eastern Europe: How Special?
Małgorzata Pakier and Joanna Wawrzyniak


Chapter 1. The Transformative Power of Memory    
Aleida Assmann

Chapter 2. Political Correctness and Memories Constructed for ‘Eastern Europe’    
Andrzej Nowak


Chapter 3. The (non-)Travelling Concept of Les Lieux de Mémoire: Central and Eastern European Perspectives    
Maciej Górny and Kornelia Kończal

Chapter 4. Ain’t Nothing Special
Sławomir Kapralski

Chapter 5. Biographical and Collective Memory: Mutual Influences in Central and Eastern European Context    
Kaja Kaźmierska


Chapter 6. The Path of Bringing the Dark to Light: Memory of the Holocaust in Postcommunist Europe        
Joanna Beata Michlic

Chapter 7. The Rise of an East European Community of Memory? On Lobbying for the Gulag Memory via Brussels
Lidia Zessin-Jurek

Chapter 8. Two Concepts of Victimhood: Property Restitution in the Czech Republic and Poland after 1989
Stanisław Tyszka

Chapter 9. Shared Memory Culture? Nationalizing the ‘Great Patriotic War’ in the Ukrainian-Russian Borderlands    
Tatiana Zhurzhenko

Chapter 10. History, Politics and Memory (Ukraine 1990s – 2000s)
Georgiy Kasianov

Chapter 11. Walking Memory through City Space in Sevastopol, Crimea
Judy Brown


Chapter 12. World War II in the Memory of Contemporary Polish Society
Piotr Tadeusz Kwiatkowski

Chapter 13. Auschwitz and Katyń in Bondage of Politics: The Process of Shaping Memory in Communist Poland
Jacek Chrobaczyński and Piotr Trojański

Chapter 14. Germans in Eastern Europe as a Polish-German Lieu de Mémoire? On the Asymmetry of Memories
Matthias Weber

Chapter 15. Remembering Collectivization in Bulgaria
Iana Iancheva

Chapter 16. Uses and Misuses of Memory: Dealing with Communist Past in Postcommunist Bulgaria and Romania
Claudia-Florentina Dobre

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