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Screened Encounters: The History of the Leipzig Film Festival, 1955-1990

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Volume 1

Film and the Global Cold War

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Screened Encounters

The History of the Leipzig Film Festival, 1955-1990

Caroline Moine

Translated from the French by John Barrett
Preface by Dina Iordanova
Edited by Skyler J. Arndt-Briggs

302 pages, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78533-909-7 $120.00/£85.00 Hb Not Yet Published (September 2018)

eISBN 978-1-78533-910-3 eBook Not Yet Published

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Established in 1955, the Leipzig Film Festival’s location in the German Democratic Republic deeply implicated it in cultural and political competition between East and West Germany, opening a political and artistic exchange that would have otherwise been impossible. Screened Encounters represents the definitive history of this key event, recounting its history from its founding until reunification, and tracing the outsize influence it exerted on international cultural relations during the Cold War.

Caroline Moine is a Lecturer of Contemporary History at the University of Versailles. Her scholarship on cinema and the Cold War has been widely published in French, German, and English.

Subject: Film Studies Postwar History
Area: Germany


Dina Iordanova

Introduction: A Festival at the Heart of the Cold War

Chapter 1. The Genesis of the Leipzig Film Festival
Chapter 2. Opening to the World
Chapter 3. Between Propaganda and Cinéma Vérité
Chapter 4. When the Tide Turns…
Chapter 5. Documentaries with a Human Face
Chapter 6. Documentaries in the Service of International Solidarity
Chapter 7. Wide-Angle on Socialist Society
Chapter 8. Don’t Wait for Better Times
Chapter 9. An Opening to the East?
Chapter 10. Revolution: On Screen, On the Street


Archives and Sources
Referenced Films

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