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Playing with the Past: Exploring Values in Heritage Practice

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Playing with the Past

Exploring Values in Heritage Practice

Kate Clark

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190 pages, 94 illus., bibliog., index

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“As a facilitator working in the heritage sector, this book felt as though it was written for me. Once published it will quickly become my manual and should quickly become a core text for anyone working with heritage, in whatever capacity, at whatever level. This book is a tour de force, taking the reader on a journey into the theory and practice of valuing heritage; it represents for the facilitator a box of delights or a pic ‘n’ mix of games for the heritage manager, designator, funder, fundraiser, educator, regulator, policy-maker to use in their everyday work.” • Jo Robertson, Built Environment Forum Scotland


Heritage is all around us, not just in monuments and old buildings, but in places that matter, the countryside and in collections and stories.  It touches all of us. How do we decide what to preserve? How do we make the case for heritage when there are so many other priorities? Values in Heritage Practice is designed to make the case for heritage. It is the first ever action learning book about heritage.  Eighty different activities and games encompass the basics of heritage management. Although designed to ‘train the trainers,' the activities in the book are relevant to any group involved in caring for heritage

Kate Clark is an industrial archaeologist who has had a career in museums and heritage management in the public, private and voluntary sectors, in Australia and the UK.  She has worked in Wales as CEO of Cadw (the Welsh Government heritage service), in Australia as Director of  Sydney Living Museums (the Historic Houses Trust of NSW), and in England with the Heritage Lottery Fund, English Heritage and Ironbridge Gorge Museums, as well as in her own business.  She has written about a wide range of heritage topics including conservation planning, industrial archaeology, heritage management,  research and evaluation, landscapes, building conservation and sustainable development.

Subject: Museum Studies General Cultural Studies Archaeology


     Heritage Assets
     Heritage Practice
     Practitioners and Specialists
     Heritage Values
     Values-based Heritage Practice
     Conflicting Values
     Technical Skills Vs People Skills in Heritage
     How to Use This Book

Chapter 1. Valuing Your Own Heritage
     1.1 Introductions - A Simple Quiz
     1.2 Put Yourself on the Map - Place and Identity
     1.3 My Heritage, Your Heritage
     1.4 Who Am I? Exploring Identity
     1.5 Why My Place is Special
     1.6 Our Neighbourhood, Our Map
     1.7 The Meaning of Lost Places - Exploring the Power of Place

Chapter 2. Encounters with the Past
     2.1 An Encounter with the Past - Learning and Feeling
     2.2 History Lucky Dip - The Meaning of Objects
     2.3 Learning to Listen
     2.4 Professor of Archaeology
     2.5 The Dead Marker Pen - Introducing Heritage Values

Chapter 3. Values in Conservation Planning - The Big Picture
     3.1 Starter - Perceptions of Conservation and Heritage
     3.2 What Have You Got? Understand What is There Now
     3.3 Why Does it Matter?
     3.4 What is Happening to It?
     3.5 What Do We Need to Do About It?
     3.6 Bringing it All Together - The Reveal!
     3.7 ..And Who Needs to Be Involved?
     3.8 Your Vision for Heritage - The Missing Step

Chapter 4. Exploring Value and Significance in More Depth
     4.1 Starter: Values Change....
     4.2 The 'Fried Egg' of Value - The Difference Between Designation and Management Values
     4.3 Time, Space and Stakeholders - Three Different Approaches to Heritage Values
     4.4 Understanding a Heritage Asset - Phasing
     4.5 Create Your Own Definitions of Value
     4.6 Assessing Levels of Significance - Scoring, Thresholds and Other Measures
     4.7 When Experts Collide 1 - Specialist Approaches to Heritage Values
     4.8 Statements of Significance
         4.8.1 Statement of Significance - Designation
         4.8.2 Statement of Significance - Management Plan
     4.9 Through the Lens of Value and significance
         4.9.1 Analyse a Conservation Statement or Management Plan
         4.9.2 Through the Lens of Value and Significance - Make a Funding Decision
         4.9.3 Review a Heritage Report
     4.10 Value and Significance - Who Decides?

Chapter 5. Heritage Values in Design, Conservation and Planning Decisions
     5.1 Decision-Making Starter - Are You For Or Against?
     5.2 Heritage Impact Assessment - Five Questions
         5.2.1 What Is the Proposal and What Is the Justification for It?
         5.2.2 What Will the Impact On the Heritage Be, And Is That Beneficial Or Harmful?
         5.2.3 Do You Have Sufficient Information To Make a Heritage Decision?
         5.2.4 Can You Avoid, Mitigate Or Offset Any Harmful Impacts?
         5.2.5 Make the Decision and Set Conditions
     5.3 Put it All together - Map Your Own Heritage Decision-Making Process
     5.4 Explore Impact in More Detail - Use a Heritage Impact Table
     5.5 Closer - What Makes a Good Heritage Decision?

Chapter 6. Values in Visitor Management - Engaging With Audiences
     6.1 Starter -  Access or Participation?
     6.2 Access to Heritage - We All Experience Barriers
     6.3 Try It For Yourself - Experiencing Barriers
     6.4 Kids Takeover Day
     6.5 Looking For Myself - Find Your Own Story
     6.6 The 100 Word Story
     6.7 Vote For My Interpretation Project!
     6.8 My Best Day Out - Capture Your Visitor Experiences
     6.9 What Is Good Interpretation? Use The ‘HLF Scorecard’
     6.10 Be Creative - Devise a Museum Game!

Chapter 7. Values In Day to Day Site Management
     7.1 The First Fifty Yards (Or Metres)
     7.2 It  Couldn't Happen Here - Dealing With a Critical Incident On Site
     7.3 People Do The Darnedest Things! Identify Risks At a Heritage Site
     7.4 Do the Paperwork - Write a Health & Safety Risk Assessment
     7.5 Roofs, Gutters & Downpipes - Maintenance for Beginners
     7.6 What Date Should We Restore It To? Heritage Recipes and Beyond
     7.7 Project Management ‘Snakes and Ladders’
     7.8 When Experts Collide 2 - Specialist Approaches to Managing Heritage
     7.9 Shopping Safari - What Can the Mall Teach Us About Site Presentation?
     7.10 Retail Therapy - Visual Merchandising Bingo
     7.11 Create a Product Range That Reflects Heritage Value
     7.12 Between a Rock and a Hard Place - Leadership For Beginners

Chapter 8. Values in Heritage Policy, Evaluation and Advocacy
     8.1 Starter: What If There Were No Heritage?
     8.2 The Public Value of Heritage - ‘Significance’, Sustainability & Service
     8.3 Only Connect - What Can Heritage Do For You?
     8.4 Killer Facts - Do the Numbers
     8.5 First Steps in Evaluation
     8.6 How’s Our Driving? Evaluating Outcomes Using ‘Commemorative Integrity’
     8.7 Tackling Myths Head-On - All the Bad Things You Ever Heard About Heritage
     8.8 Closer - Two Minutes in the Lift With the Mayor

Chapter 9. Values in Heritage Leadership
     9.1 Starter - Twenty Questions About Your Purpose
     9.2 So What Do We Actually Do? Key Words
     9.3 Peers, Partners and Politicians - Map Your Authorising Environment
     9.4 What Are Your Brand Values?
     9.5 What Are Your Ethical Values?
     9.6 Heritage Ethics Quiz
     9.7 Dealing With Dilemmas - Develop a Code of Conduct
     9.8 Tell the Story Of Your Organisation - Map a Theory of Change
     9.9 Who Are You (At Work)?
     9.10 Managing Change - Marking Progress
     9.11 Would You Fund Your Own Organisation? Transparency, Trust and Accountability

Chapter 10. Strategic Thinking - Activities and Workshop Ideas
     10.1 When, Why, Who, How? Plan a Community Or Stakeholder Engagement Process
     10.2 The National Trust’s ‘Spirit of Place’ Workshop
     10.3 Thinking Skills - Stage a Heritage Debate
     10.4 Scrutinise Your Business Plan
     10.5 Strategic Planning - Define the Issues & What To Do About Them
     10.6 Bureaucrat Bootcamp - A Mock Legal Or Committee Hearing
     10.7 An Anthropologist From Pluto Studies Your Organisation
     10.8 Combining Activities - Ideas For Workshops and Training Courses

     Appendix I: Planning & Facilitating Workshops
     Appendix II: Further Reading About Activities and Games
     Appendix III: Further Reading About Heritage Values

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